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The first 'incarnation' of Hypnosense was in 1996, when it was created by Terence Watts as one of the very first online resources for professional hypnotherapists and an information portal for people wishing to discover more about hypnosis and how it might help them.

It was always a large site; as soon as it was created, Terence uploaded huge amounts of material that he had written during the preceding few years since he became a hypnotherapist in 1989. All of that original material, including a good few enormously effective scripts, was provided free and is still available in the 'Hypnotherapists Resource' pagees of this site. A great deal of material has been added since then and there is now a thriving Shopping Page where you can purchase some of the highest-quality material that exists for therapists, including several script collections and some wonderful royalty-free music for background to your sessions with clients or even as background music to any commercial recordings you might wish to make.

If you see some material on this site that you would like to use in your own practice or on your own site (including the Comprehensive FAQ section) please ask! It is rare indeed that permission will not be given and all that is required in return is acknowledgement of its source - "Sourced from Hypnosense" would be sufficient - and a link back to this site.

Reproduction of any material, by whatever means, from this site without such permission is strictly forbidden.

In addition to the materials available on this site, you may be elegible to start your own school of hypnotherapy using the Professional Practitioner Course developed by Terence Watts. This course is already in use in several schools world-wide and meets or exceeds the Nationial Occupation Standards for hypnotherapy. Contact us for further information.

Advice and Training

Although very busy with research and writing these days, Terence still is happy to give free advice and assistance when he feels able - and has no difficulty in stating when he doesn't know! In those cases, he will usually be able to suggest sources where you might find the information you seek and it is also a good idea to check out our 'Interesting Links' pages.

It is possible to train at all levels with Terence and if you wish to find out more, please use our Contact Us page to get in touch; alternatively, you can go to to find out more.

Thank you for visiting!