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The free scripts for hypnosis and hypnotherapy on this page are of high quality and many have become 'standards' - they have all stood the test of time.

However, there are several books of original scripts available, each one uniquely crafted as a complete work in its own right. Every word, every sentence, is carefully constructed to provide the perfect therapeutic environment to get the very best results for your clients - which means more referrals later on. They are not the cheapest you can buy but they are widely acclaimed by therapists world-wide as being the best. You can find details of them later on this page. Go there now

Some of the hypnosis and hypnotherapy scripts presented here were written by me, some by others - I've indicated which ones are mine on the title line with a 'TW', and you're welcome to use these as you wish in your therapy office. If you wish to use them commercially, please contact me for permission first.

The unauthorised reselling of any material on this site is strictly forbidden.

Some scripts were acquired from public domain areas, but I am obviously not able to assign copyrights.

The effectiveness of any of these hypnosis scripts can be greatly enhanced by the use of background music written especially for the purpose. All the Background Music available on this site was written by Terence Watts specifically for use in hypnotherapy sessions.

Now on to the hypnotherapy scripts themselves... There are several different styles given here.








By Terence Watts

With 22 great inductions and deepeners, this book has been one of our best sellers since 2002. It includes a personality profiling section that allows you to choose the exact script for your client, using suitable language patterns to produce the maximum depth of trance. Therse are probably some of the best inductions and deepeners you will ever find!

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Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals

Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals

By Terence Watts

A big book of twenty-eight elegant hypnosis sessions for many of the difficulties presented to the working hypnotherapist. More than simple suggestion work, these scripts will enhance your effectiveness by providing elegantly structured sessions. Each script is designed to access both the logical and creative processes (left and right brain) of your client enabling the easy by-passing of any resistance.

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Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals Vol 2

Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals Vol II

By Terence Watts

Volume II of Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals - another 28 great scripts. No matter what style of work you favour - cognitive, analytical, Ericksonian or NLP-based - you are still going to need to use suggestion with every client if you are to help them get the best out of the work you do for them. This book was written by a successful working therapist with many thousands of hours of clinical experience.

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Two Crucial!


By Terence Watts

Another collection of first class scripts comprising 11 inductions and 11 deepeners. This book was written specifically as a result of a huge number of requests for more scripts of the same quality as CRUCIAL! for the professional therapist. Again, every script is brand new and totally original, written specifically for this publication - you find them anywhere else!

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Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals Vol 3

Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals Vol III

By Terence Watts

Volume III of Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals 28 more great scripts. Crafted by Terence Watts, a professional author and also the only member of the psychological professions to have been awarded the prestigious MCGI (Member of the City and Guilds Institute) for his innovative work within the world of hypnotherapy.

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Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals Vol 4

Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals Vol IV

By Terence Watts

Volume IV of Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals Another 28 top-quality scripts, this collection is probably the best that Terence has ever written - it certainly took the longest to write! As many have come to expect from Terence's writing, he provides scripts of exacting professionalism to give your work with clients a real edge...

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