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Professional Hypnotherapy Products & Information for Therapists and Consumers
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Welcome to Hypnosense

There are many fears and misunderstandings about the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and the myths and mystery that surround it are totally undeserved.

This site will help to reassure you that what happens in hypnosis is very normal, certainly non-magical, with generally predictable results.

Hypnosis for happiness and health

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Looking for HELP?

If you are seeking help via hypnosis or Hypnotherapy as a treatment for stress, anxiety, or maybe to stop smoking, then you can find all the information you need right here.

We have some wonderful products on our Self-hypnosis page, and if you would like a free professional 7 lesson course on effective self hypnosis, just click here

You are welcome to use anything of mine that you find useful but please DO contact me first and be sure to give accreditation and acknowledgement of the source. The unauthorised reselling of any material on this site is strictly forbidden.

A lot of the resource material on this site is free, but there are also many high-quality products for sales in the Hypnosense Professional Shop - there''s some more free stuff there as well.


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The Secret Life of Love and Sex

The new book by Terence Watts about relationships, how to make them work and what to do if they don''t.


This is truly a book for you and your clients!


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What's New?

Online training, that's what! It's the future of advanced traning and means you an study advanced techniques from the comfort of your armchari (or bed, since only the teacher(s) can be seen!) There's nothing 'Lite' about it either - the material is identical to that which would be taught in the classroom and you can also ask questions and request clarification at any time you need it. It's easy, too - just enter a URL in your browser and site back and watch... class notes will usually be emailed to you or sometimes made availalbe as a download.


There are several advanced courses available at our educational site, the Essex Institute - check them out under the 'Advanced and Online Training' tab and ask any question you might have!


Totally Free Sunday Webinars

I run frequent 'Sunday Seminars' on a variety of subjects. These are from 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm UK time provide the perfect opportunity to discover at no cost the newest and easiest way of learning without ever leaving home! You can find out what's next by clicking this link.


Have you discovered BWRT yet?

It''s a fabulous new therapy that is getting amazing results amazingly quick! Clinical Psychologist Rafiq Lockhat says: "I''ve been a Clinical Psychologist for twenty-five years now and I''ve never seen anything that works this effectively and this fast" It genuinely is sweeping the therapy world and creating a stir amongst all who learn it! Check it out now at http://www.bwrt.org