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Professional Hypnotherapy Products & Information for Therapists and Consumers Since 1996




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The ‘Abundance’ app provides you with a professional  programme that can be used in or out of hypnosis and can build both your self worth and your bank balance! It incorporates self-hypnosis, the law of attraction and conscious cooperation programming. 


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  • Build your self worth and your personal wealth using powerful self hypnosis
  • App written by a hypnotherapist with 25 years experience
  • Choose from 54 available programme options
  • App makes recommendations according to your mood
  • Use the conscious cooperation option to strengthen the effects
  • Stop your subconscious from sabotaging your plans
  • Timer setting for use last thing at night


It's been known for many years that hypnosis and self hypnosis can help people to achieve their goals far more easily than with straightforward conscious effort alone - with 54 different available options you are bound to find a few favourite settings for helping you to create financial abundance and great self worth.


This is actually very important, since if your self worth is not healthy, your subconscious can sabotage all sorts of plans without you having even the vaguest idea that it's doing so.... But using this app will condition your subconscious to providing the perfect support system for your efforts. And because your mind is subconsciously focussed on your goal, you'll discover that you start attracting opportunities to you more than ever before.


The way to get the best out of the app is to use the 'Self Worth' setting at least 25% of the time, since this will maintain high confidence levels, so you might do 'Self Worth' for one time and 'Abundance' for the next three - but the choice is yours.


The Options

Music: There are three choices of professionally composed background music: Dreams, which is light, airy and relaxing; Dawn, a flowing classical piece, and Waves which has an undulating quiet energy.  

Preparation: Three different styles to choose from: Rag Doll, which will produce a profound physical relaxation; Expressions, which will enhance focus; and Ceiling, which will encourage a view of 'the big picture’.

Hypnosis: Again, there are three to choose from: Canyon, which is perfect if you been finding things a bit of a struggle; Moments, superb for enhancing belief in what you know; and Rainbow, which will help you to recognise you can achieve whatever you want.

Subconscious Conditioning: This the part of the programme that tunes your subconscious to achieve your goals. There are two different programmes: Self Worth, designed to help you function at your most confident level in everything you do; and Abundance, constructed to fulfill the main purpose of this app, which is to help you achieve wealth.


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