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WSN Daily Tips for iPhone


"WSN Daily Help"


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‘WSN Daily Help’ provides an easy-to-use and astonishingly accurate personality test which gives concise yet powerful ‘tips for the day’ based on your personal attitudes and responses to life. ‘WSN’ is an acronym that stands for ‘Warriors, Settlers & Nomads’, a reference to the ancient tribes from which we are all descended - the concept is based on evolutionary psychology and is the result of years of research by the author. Fun to use and more specific than a daily horoscope, this is a personal life guide that can help you in all sorts of ways:


  • Find out if you are essentially a Warrior, Settler or Nomad - and what that means.
  • If you have a ‘special day’ coming up, discover your ‘functional mode’ for that day and get relevant guidance.
  • You get two tips each day - one for life generally and one specifically related to your particular personality type.
  • In addition to the tips, you get advice about positive personality traits to use that day, as well as a reminder about any negative attributes to avoid.
  • You can get extra tips and advice at the click of a button - there are more than 12,200 possible combinations of the daily tips alone!
  • Activate dormant resources you never knew you had - in seconds.
  • Increase your ability to be assertive when necessary.
  • Enhance your levels of intuition and instinctive understanding.
  • Switch on the ability to inspire and uplift others when you want to.


WSN has been in use worldwide as a success-coaching model since 1999 when the book of the same name was published (click here to see it) and has helped many people to discover how to get the best from their life. In fact, many therapists use the concept to help people resolve all sorts of issues and although this app cannot do exactly that, it can certainly help you to achieve a high level of understanding about yourself and others. You can even get somebody else to take the test and learn more about them than you ever thought possible in so short a time (the slider-based test takes most people less than three minutes to complete.)


This app works in many ways like a modern version of the ancient Chinese life-guide, the i ching (‘Book of Changes’) - though that has only 4,900 possible combinations for each time you consult it... WSN Daily Help has more than 12,200!


Full instructions for use are included in the app, along with a description of each personality type and how to find/enhance needed personality aspects within yourself.


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