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Professional Practitioner Training Course


Train professionally with this online course from Hypnosense. The course material was written and prepared by Terence Watts and is taught in many schools in the UK and abroad.


This course offers direct contact with Terence Watts to ensure that you receive the best of training.


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It possible to train at all levels directly with Terence Watts via one-on-one personal tutorials, at no extra cost over 'standard' classroom based tuition. This is the oldest style of training and some would say still the best... it has the advantage of total personalisation, in that the lessons can be tailored to your particular needs and, within reason, to the intervals that you want to receive them. A certain amount of home study will be necessary.


More details of this study option can be found here: Professional Practitioner Course


Alternatively, you can investigate the full course details at my school site, The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis: www.essexinstitute.co.uk


For an overview of what constitutes a good training course from any provider go to: Information about Training Courses.

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