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Interesting Links Part 1

Association for Professional Hypnosis & Psychotherapy (APHP)

The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy - an exclusive organisation with members world-wide, all 'hand-picked' for their quality of work and training.

Hypnosense Shopping
Products to look at, listen to and buy online if you like them. There's some free stuff there, too.


Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, in Southend on Sea, Essex, from where I conduct all my training and therapy.


The most exciting new therapy - in fact, it's going to becom the therapy of the future and it's here today! Check it out!


Emotional Health
You HAVE to see this site! Beautifully easy to navigate and a joy to visit..


The National Council for Hypnotherapy
The National Council for Hypnotherapy (including the Hypnotherapy Register, est. 1973). A major and respected registering body for Hypnotherapists in the UK.


Banyan Hypnosis Center
Banyan Hypnosis Center For Training & Services, Inc. A great site, full of resources and and information - go there!


A rapidly growing directory for UK hypnotherapists. Various free services.


A wide ranging directory for UK therapists of all persuasions.


Shaun Brookhouse's site. Shaun is one of the 'big guys' in the world of professional hypnotherapy and training.


The Orca Institute
The Orca Institute, Superb training available in Vancouver, Canada.


Potential Technology
Nathan Marika's 'Human Potential Technology' site. London-based source of Hypnosis/Relaxation audio products and customised Hypnotherapy tapes.


One of the most frequently visited sites - this is a HUGE resource area!


Hypno Search
Another page of resources and contacts.


Michael Millett
Michael Millet: (Elevated Therapy)


Chat Forum
Elevated therapy forum


Dr Bryan Knight's "Hypnosis Depot" All your hypnosis questions answered.


Kevin Hogan
Kevin Hogan - another one of the good guys!


Roy Hunter
Roy Hunter - and another one!


Kevin Gray - sales of all sorts of hypnosis electronics


Dr. Charles Barr, Phd.


Marcia Proctor
Marcia Proctor - a smashing lady!


Wendi Friesen
Wendi Friesen - a really HOT site. Wendi does well with all sorts of personal/sexual stuff.


David Johns
David Johns


John Thornley's 'mind and body' site


Grant Boddington - Stage & Motivational Hypnosis


Jack Elias
Institute for Therapeutic Learning - Hypnotherapy Certification, Private Sessions, & Self-Improvement Products. Author, Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP. A Radical Synthesis of Eastern & Western Perspectives & Techniques.


James Szeles
James Szeles - stage hypnotist supreme!


Paul G Durbin's site - lots of useful stuff here.


Professional Hypnosis Tapes from the UK - Glenn Harold's site


Del Morrill, Counseling Hypnotherapist, at TRANSITIONS, INC., located in Washington State, USA., specializes in depression, anxiety, phobias, athletic improvement, and children's problems.


Pradeep Aggarwal
Pradeep Aggarwal's superb site. Pradeep is based in India and has a lot of free resources available from his site. A 'Must See'!


David Kato's site. David owns the Bristol Hypnotherapy Clinic.


Marx Howell
A totally fascinating site concerned with forensic hypnosis for police work. A definite 'must see'.


Diane Brandon
Diane Brandon offers Intuitive and Spiritual Counseling, focusing on Personal and Spiritual Growth, as well as the Deeper Meaning of Events.


Steve Harold
Steven Harold - yet another one of the good guys; based in London.


Paul Gustafson
Healthy Hypnosis: Creative solutions for many of today's concerns. Paul Gustafson RN, BSN, CH.


Eddie Lester
Eddie Lester's Oxford Hypnotherapy site.


Trevor Sylvester
Trevor Sylvester's site. Definitely worth a look!


Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith's site. He's young, bright, and VERY competent... definitely one to look out for!


Trance Solutions
The site of Antoine Matarasso - a great site, plenty of resources, and easy to navigate!


Kathleen Fedouloff's excellent site for Solution Focused Therapy for overcoming depression, dealing with phobias, panic and anxiety, stopping smoking and bringing about the life you want.


- Hypnotherapy in Brighton. A nice site, this one, and easy to navigate.


Mike Fulton's site - Mike is based in Ealing, London. Friendly guy.


Andrew Parr's site - Help available in Central London for Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Eating Disorders & Wide Range of Personal & Emotional Problems. Experienced & Registered Hypnotherapist.


Also at: http://www.hypnotherapy-sussex.co.uk Tunbridge Wells, Kent & Sussex.


Holistic Works
'Holisticworks' situated in Birmingham in the West Midlands; this newly formed company offers a wide variety of complementary therapies for modern day illnesses, habits and problems. This company offers Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.) and Thermo Auricular (Hopi Ear Candles).


Bernard Haldane Associates
A great careers resource page.


Hypnotherapy in Bristol & Bath - Soothing informative site.


A new site for 2004 and definitely worth a look!


Michael Mallows
Personal and professional development. Living Inside Out - On Purpose.


Isis Centre
An ethical and professional training school in the Brighton area.


Peter Saint Cloud
Peter Saint Cloud - Master Stage Hypnotist and Mentalist (psychological illusionist). Named Best "UK Stage Hypnotist Of 2004"


Focused Solutions
Hypnotherapist in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.


Kim Manning
Kim Manning, Medical Hypnotherapist in Michigan USA.


Belinda Hulstrom
A terrific EICH trained therapist in Southern Australia.


A general hypnosis and hypnotherapy information site, new at September, 2004


Better Living With Hypnosis - Self Improvement - Self Help


Dovico Project Management
- Award Winning Time Tracking Software for Business Management and Activity Based Costing.


David Smith, Senior hypnotherapist and certified NLP trainer in Bournemouth (UK). If you are looking for a consultant in the South of England then have a look at this site. David has clients ranging from members of the National Phobics Society to amateur and professional Sportspeople.

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