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3 Speedy Fixes

 Video Format - Download £9.99

3 Speedy Fixes


3 Speedy Fixes - Terence Watts

A 45 minute Mini Masterclass describing three fast fixes for a variety of different issues. This is an edited and enhanced recording of a live class conducted by Terence Watts covering:

The Miracle Box: Probably the fastest ever regression methodology, this allows an unbelievably easy access to the workings of the subconscious using free association or regression to cause. The clients love it and so will you - interactive and dynamic this can so easily get to the parts that others don't reach!

The Other Half: A ridiculously simple yet powerful technique to help the client access the deepest part of the 'inner self' - hence the name 'The Other Half'. People often say they will consult with their 'other half' when making a decision and now you can help them do just that.

The Central Core: When somebody is feeling disempowered and that there is nothing they can do to set their world to rights, this effective and easy-to-use routine will have them feeling back in control in no time at all.

These delightfully simple and easy-to-learn routines don't even need a deep state of hypnosis to get the best out of them... just the lightest state is sufficient and since they are not dependent on any specific type of script, you can use them in conjunction with your favourite induction and deepener.

An excellent addition to any therapist's toolbox, the '3 speedy fixes' Masterclass is available as an instand download.

Written class notes are included.

Only £9.99 for the download.

NB: The download is quite large at 160Mb+ and might take around 12-15 minutes to download at 2 Mbs.



"As with all of Terence's "
Gavin Bowtell on 28-02-2018

"Enjoyed watching the vide"
michael blake on 16-02-2018

"Great, simple techniques "
Karen Mills on 30-12-2017

 Video Format - Download £9.99