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7 Ways and 7 Days to Banish Your Anxiety

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7 Ways and 7 Days to Banish Your Anxiety


By Terence Watts

Every review of this book on has received 5 stars!

This book will become as indispensible to the professional therapist as it will to the anxiety sufferer. There are several novel approaches to the treatment of anxiety that have been developed by the Author and which can create truly rapid change. It is a totally client-centred approach that achieves great results for all forms of anxiety, including Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Beginning with helping the client to have a vivid and complete grasp of what anxiety actually is, why they have it and that it is actually an evidence of the strength of their own mind, the programme begins to straight away produce positive change. Each 'day' of the 7 session programme contains mind-changing exercises that challenge limiting beliefs, as well as a 'Repair' that is applied to negativity associated with various thought processes. The exercises begin with the simplest possible approach to change, thus boosting the client's confidence at an early stage, and gradually build in effectiveness and complexity throughout the entire book. The final 'threaded goal setting' is a joy to implement.

The programme is not 'just' therapy, however - it is a presentation that allows you to teach your client how to easily deal with the discomforts and disappointments of life and even how to avoid being 'put down' by those with an agenda of their own. Several 'tried and tested' therapeutic techniques are employed to good effect, though with a new 'slant', including:

  • Creative Visualisation
  • Personalised systematic desensitisation
  • Surprise' methodologies that turn limting beliefs on their head
  • A novel form of Parts work
  • The 'Ruler, Builder, Adventurer' concept for self-recognition
  • The Lifeline 'trick' that sets many people free form the past
  • 'Threaded' personalised goal-setting - far more powerful than other methods
  • A powerful 'Hypno-meditation' technique for powerful focus

And, of course, much more...

One of the most important things for a therapist is to create a recognisable 'change for today' and this book gives you and the client the tools to do exactly that.

Help your clients to help themselves with the programme in this book!



"Excited to start reading, thank you xx"
Carole Connor on 01-09-2021

"Exceptional tool tool self & clients!"
Summer Mead on 13-12-2019

 Book Format - Kindle Download £8.99
 Book Format - Physical Product £9.99