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7 Ways and 7 Days to Banish Your Anxiety

7 Ways and 7 Days to Banish Your Anxiety

By Terence Watts


Banishing anxiety for good has never been easier than with the programme presented within this book. Starting from the simple concept that understanding a problem is key to resolving it, you will immediately begin to see that, far from being a weakness, anxiety is actually clear evidence of a personal power that you are not using... yet!


Working through the programme within these pages, you will soon be able to direct that power, like a laser-beam, into the very core of the problem in order to instantly start fixing it. You will be able to use the series of carefully structured exercises, each one steadily building towards a new and confident approach to life. As the title suggests, the book is arranged in a series of 7 'Days', each divided into two chapters, with exercises and effective Repair routines built in to each Day.


You can complete the programme on a one-a-day basis, or you can take a more leisurely approach; it will work just as well and you will still find freedom from anxiety. Easy to learn and fun to use lessons make this book a joy to work with and along the way you will develop a personal 'toolbox' that will be yours for the rest of your life - not only will you be able to deal effectively with your anxiety, but you will also learn how to make sure that what you want to happen actually does. Written by a professional therapist, this might be the only book you will ever need to get the life you thought only other people had...


You can now buy this book in Kindle version only.

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