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Crucial Natural World

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Crucial Natural World


By Terence Watts

Another book of Inductions and deepeners in the 'Crucial' series, every script in this one is based on the natural world around us - a glance at the titles and description tells all!.

This is one for beginner therapists and seasoned pros alike - anybody who is looking for something new and fresh, and which will produce a good state of hypnosis easily, even in auto-resistant clients.



Meadow: An unusual combination of relaxing imagery but rapidly changing ideas can help the client to sharply focus on self and getting the best out of life…

Sunset: This one creates a strong focus on self and seeks to instil a sense of anticipation of successful times to come.

Woodland: This one is a relaxing metaphor for discovery of the way forward through the jungle that is life and the recognition of the resources of self.

Lake: Lots of imagery and a constantly changing viewpoint that echoes many of the vagaries of life make this a good general-purpose induction.

Moonlight: This one is ideal when somebody has been seeking, and failing, to achieve some goal or another and is almost at the point of giving up…

Rivers: This induction echoes the various threads and obstructions most of us discover in life but leads eventually to a feeling of strength and resolve.

Snow: This one almost inevitably creates considerable time distortion and will create a good sense of focus upon self and dissociation from ‘the real world’.

Time: This is a good one to use for somebody who is constantly pressured for time and feels that they should be somehow be doing more.

Trees: This one is quite whimsical and will help a client to focus on their goals and aims – but it’s certainly not one for the logically minded individual.

Waterfall: This one is a mildly confusing script that changes viewpoints several times and can work well for the individual whose life is in a state of upheaval.

Wind: This is one for the busy-minded individual – it’s a brain entrainment that keeps their thoughts occupied until the very last few seconds…


Sunrise: This whole script is a metaphor for letting go of the past and moving forward through life with hope, belief, expectation and confidence.

Eagle: Nice visual imagery and metaphor to get your client focused firmly on their goal. Not one for the individual who is unable to visualise though.

Jungle: This one is specifically designed for regression therapy and uses the metaphor of a jungle to represent the complex threads of memory.

Clouds: Designed specifically to be used before free association, this one triggers a huge number of memory threads while minimising resistance.

Light: Literally a flight of fancy here that can help a client to discover hidden resources to solve problems and get life in order.

Oasis: This one is ideal for the individual struggling to overcome apparently never-ending difficulties in their life, though will work just as well as a general-purpose deepener.

Seashore: A multisensory cascade to trigger the imaginative abilities of the less colourful individual who has problems with visualisation.

Storm: This one is good for the client coping with an argumentative relationship – a metaphor that deliberately confuses weather and behaviour.

Mountains: This deepener doubles as an exercise in positive thinking and keeping focused on what you want, not what’s in the way…

Rain: Lots of imagery encourages the client’s imagination to rove far and wide, yet remain focused on the task at hand…

World: This one is a bit of a fantastical adventure that is also a metaphor for making the best of whatever journey life takes you on.

The scripts in this fourth book in the Crucial series are of the same high standard that Hypnosense fans have come to expect! Professional Writing for Professional Therapists and by a professional therapist make this one a must for the bookshelf.

At only £19.99 for the download. It's a brilliant buy!



"A beautiful set of inductions & deepens"
Deborah Clay on 08-11-2022

"Beautifully written. I use these scripts often"
Lenora Curtis on 25-07-2022

"Very Useful and helpful, thank you."
Carole Connor on 01-09-2021

"Sometimes it's difficult "
Gavin Bowtell on 28-02-2018

"Love this collection of I"
Karen Mills on 30-12-2017

 Book Format - Download £19.99