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Crucial Three

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Crucial Three


By Terence Watts

The third book in the 'Crucial' series, this one has a further eleven 'general purpose' inductions and the same number of deepeners. General purpose they might be but you'll have to go a long way to find anything as inventive and fresh as these are. There's something here for every type of client - the 'thinky', the 'feely', the philosophical, and the lover of fantasy and science, it's all in here! 


Magneticreception: employs the idea of a virtual magnetic field that can magnetise various parts of the body to create tingling and lightness. Good for the imaginatively creative individual.

Anagrammatic: very much one for the intellectually orientated, logical or obsessive client. The need to solve the anagram before you move onto the next is riveting to the psyche!

The Radio Relaxation Programme: essentially progressive relaxation, without which any books of scripts would not be complete. This one is unusual though, in that it’s dissociated from the therapist.

Downloadable: this one uses the idea of modern technology to achieve a deep state and is ideal for the ‘modern minded’ individual. It’s not recommended for the analytical thinker.

Happy Shadows: best for the home loving type who is sentimentally responsive, the ‘ordinary’ person who is easy-going and adaptable. It can be good for preceding regression.

Neon Avenue: another one for the thinker type who finds it hard to let their mind wander or just ‘go with the flow’… this will keep them busy and increase their concentration.

Never Mind The Stress: all about distraction and good for the ‘stressed out’ client. This type of client exacerbates the stress by focussing on it so we’ll use it to get a good result. 

Stage Left: this can double as a deepener, or even ‘indeepener’  and is great for working with  the slightly narcissistic personality or one who is self-obsessed. 

Learning to Fly: good for the imaginative individual, it plays with almost all the senses, increasing the sense of involvement. Not at all good for the logical/analytical type.

Opportunity: a good script for the individual who has trouble staying focussed on the task at hand, since it encourages them to give proper attention to detail.

The Big Picture:  a good deepener for anybody but is especially suited for those who could benefit from taking a wider view of their life. Can usefully precede regression.

All Around the World: general-purpose ‘meandering’ deepener with no agenda other than deepening the hypnotic state. Suitable for most personalities and most therapy styles.

All in the Head:  an unusual deepener which could double as an induction, since it concentrates the client’s mind on self and the resources of self.

Behind The Curtain:  a good deepener for helping the client to realise that things are not always as they seem… It  comfortably follows any of the inductions, except Stage Left.

Golden Egg:  this one is actually a suggestion script that empowers the client to act on the suggestions you will be giving after you have delivered this one.

The Pavement Artist:  another one designed with analytical regression in mind - this one also combines a degree of mysticism which can enhance focus for some clients.

Just a Thought:  an unusual deepener which works as a ‘pre-suggestion’ script that is intended to get the ‘thinky’ client totally focussed on their goals and wishes.

The Story Teller:  this deepener is a creation metaphor that will work extraordinarily well for the individual with a vivid imagination and a liking for fantasy.

String Ball:  a general-purpose deepener that can be used before almost any suggestion-based therapy. It’s not good for health issues or regression methodologies though.

The Time Shed:  this one is specifically written for use before regression, though there’s no reason why it couldn’t be used for other situations - finding lost items, for instance.

Spotlight:  a script blatantly designed for regression styles of therapy, it will work for most personality types as long as there is a reasonable imagination.

This one is a terrific addition to any Professional Hypnotherapist's script library - and the 'instant download' can be in your computer in moments!



"Amazing work. Long lasting effective change!"
Summer Mead on 25-12-2023

"So insightful and am enjoying their impact"
Karen Little on 17-10-2019

 Book Format - Download £19.99