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Hypnosense Live

After the success of the 2016 Hypnosense and APHP collaboration, the 2017 event will be once again Hypnosense Live! and APHP working together!


As always, the conference is open to all comers, newbies, experienced pros, part-timers, and those just starting out - everybody's welcome!. The event is run purely for the profession and not for profit, so we offer fantastic value with top level presenters and low cost admission, even though it's held in a luxury hotel in the heart of London.

Admission: £249.00  (all discounts now expired)

The Timetable for Conference 2017 is:

Saturday October 28:

9.15 Registration and coffee

9.50: The opening address from Chairman Terence Watts

10.00:  Kevin Laye and Karl Smith will be the first dual presentation ever on our conferences! Energy and expertise in abundance!

11.15:   ---------------- Refreshment break ----------------

11.45: Kevin Laye and Karl Smith (part 2)

13.00:       ----------------  Lunch break ---------------

14.30: James McConnel will be talking about living with Tourette's Syndrome - he was the force behind the Chanel 4 documentary, 'What made Mozart Tic?'

15.45:  ---------------- Refreshment break -----------------

16.15: Jos van Boxtel will showing how to apply the indirect hypnosis and verbal skills of Milton Erickson and Stephen Brooks.

17.30: ---------------- End of Day One ----------------

19.30: The drinking, eating, cabaret, awards, and dancing part!

Sunday October 29:

9.30: Start the day with coffee and networking

10.00: Chris Pearson will be giving you the lowdown on successful working with Misophonia, the irrational reaction to noises made by others.

11.15 ---------------- Refreshment break ------------------

11.45: Helen Breward will be explaining how you can work effectively with the symptoms of menopause, and hot flushes in particular

13.00:      ----------------  Lunch break ---------------

14.15: Shinchi Ren will be talking about the work of the late Peter Field and his work with LGBT issues. Peter was the 'Star' of the 2016 conference.

15.30: ---------------- Refreshment break ------------------

16.00 Terence Watts will be presenting 'The YOU Protocol' to regain the vitality of youth while maintaining the wisdom of age.

17.15: ---------------- End of Day Two ----------------


With our amazing Saturday evening cabaret, dining and dancing, it's going to be another fantastic weekend!


Please Note: Payments will be refunded upon written request within 7 days (email acceprtable) but not beyond that time

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