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Ancestral Memory

Ancestral Memory

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A lot of the information in this 'Ancestral Memory' document is viewable elsewhere on this site; the PDF file offered here is for your convenience, since it is a large file which you can download and read at your leisure.


It is a transcript of the first lecture I gave on the subject of Ancestral Memory which itself was a development of my earlier talk on the way that memory and recall might work.


It is also the early 'roots' of my 'Warriors Settlers & Nomads' concept and many therapists - and others -have found that it allows an insight into behaviour and personality which is of great use when seeking to understand the way that people work.


It can provide therapists with a wider range of skills than they might otherwise have available, and 'non-therapists' a fascinating insight into the mind of their friends and family - and themselves.


Terence Watts


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