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Cognitive Inductions, Behavioural Deepeners

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Cognitive Inductions, Behavioural Deepeners


By Terence Watts

As the book title implies, this is a collection of inductions that are all to do with self and processes of self that the client will relate to, coupled with creative deepeners across a range of 'things people might do' - behaviours.

As with all Terence Watts' collections, each script is specially written for this volume and is not simply a 'rehash' of stuff you might have read elsewhere. There are twenty-two scripts in all, eleven inductions and eleven deepeners, including one specifically written for Past Life Regression work. The list of contents is as follows:


About a Foot: This one is an advanced progressive relaxation, with an attention getter near the beginning and a material concept to carry the client’s thoughts.

Acronym: This works well for the client with a slightly obsessive nature and plays many games with the thought processes, all of which lead into a nicely focussed state.

Alpha Hours: Very much one for the intellectually orientated individual. Where there is a double ellipsis (... ...) give a longer than usual pause - the reasons will be obvious.

Balance: This is a great induction for the individual who lets negativity and procrastination get in the way of life, addressing the situation and instilling the belief that you can help.

Colour Surround: This script energises four of the five senses, sight, sound, smell and touch and in this way activates the neural pathways associated with personal goals and achievement.

Generations: A certain amount of ‘feel good’ work combines with an imagination-enhancing fascination process to entrain the mind and covertly implant the idea of personal autonomy.

Handy Trace: A rather heavily disguised 10 - 1 induction, though one which will work particularly well for the intellectually orientated client.

Mixers: This one will work particularly well for the logical/analytical individual, thanks to a degree of brain entrainment until the end, when there is a ‘twist’ for the auto-resistant client.

Spotlight: Very ‘person centred’, this script focuses the client’s thoughts on to adjusting the internal filters that govern the way we perceive ourself in the world.

Stairs and Ladders: This one first guides the client’s thoughts strongly to the notion of hypnosis, then to the idea of rising above life’s problems, and finally to a place of perfect preparation.

Thought for Life: Although this is a good general-purpose induction for the 'deep thinker' type of client, if followed by the ‘Looking Back’ deepener, it’s perfect for analysis or regression work.


Charabanc: Specifically designed to be used as the commencement to past life regression therapy or exploration, this script carries the client back to a time past where they find the path that leads to...

Drawing: A combination of deepener and suggestion for positive thought and deed is presented here, ideal for use with the individual who is prone to procrastination problems.

Get a Hat: This one has strong visual imagery that entrains the imagination and it’s not until the very last paragraph that the direction and reasoning is revealed...

Rearranging the Furniture: Here, we fire the mind with an imagination-enhancing metaphor of a new start and ‘moving the furniture around’ to get life to be the way you want it.

The Kite: A sense of whimsy is employed here, covertly enhancing imagination and creative thought, as well as inspiring the client towards finding and using autonomy.

Lake Ancient: A metaphor for the journey through life, this is ideal before suggestions for moving on or for seeking new successes. Also suitable as a general purpose deepener.

Looking Back: This script is designed specifically for age regression or other investigative work. It leads to a dissociated and non-specific age/location for you to work as you please.

Maestro: One for the musically-minded, though you need to be certain that they are familiar with classical music, or they might start thinking about a heavy metal concert!

Photo Shop: Lots of stretch to the imagination in this one, plus some built-in suggestions for the useful recognition that others don’t necessarily know what’s best for us...

Sailing: This one has the feel of a journey about it, that serves to dissociate the client from their current world of doubts and creates a feeling of starting afresh.

Mind Your Sense: This would even work well as an ‘indeepener’ all on its own since it engages all the senses. The interaction at the end gets the client involved in their own therapy.

A definite for the therapists library and a steal at only £19.99!



"This quickly became one of my main go-to's!!"
Summer Mead on 13-12-2019

 Book Format - Instant download only £19.99