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Creating Great Suggestion

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Creating Great Suggestion


Creating Great Suggestion - Terence Watts

An edited and enhanced recording of a live class on the creation and delivery of outstanding suggestion work. It takes account of every aspect of the clients wants and needs, including some that they won't even know they told you!

The following points are all covered in detail during this 50 minute session:

  • Client needs and wants
  • Personality and Frame of Reference
  • Plausible and Possible
  • Anchoring to existing concepts/behaviours
  • Creating the suggestion itself
  • The Four-Sense Compounding Technique

Far too often, suggestion scripts are written based on nothing more than what the client has stated they want to be able to do... which is why the suggestion sometimes doesn't 'take'. The fact is, that if you take every one of those point mentioned above into account you greatly increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. There is much to discover before you get to the task of writing the suggestion itself, and one of the most important aspect is the personality and 'Frame of Reference'.

Many people are able to establish the personality style well enough to create a suitable suggestion but few are aware of the importance of that 'Frame of Reference'. Without taking account of that, though, there is a high possibility that the suggestion will not be congruent with the client's thought processes. Not only that, but it becomes unlikely that any anchoring might not work, since it might well be at odds with the client's existent behaviour patterns and ideas.

Terence takes you through all of this in great detail (and you have the written notes as a back up reminder, as well) and then introduces you to the best way to get the client actually working with the suggestion from the very beginning and when you follow up with the the simple but astonishingly powerful 'Four-Sense Compounding Technique' your client's success is more assured than it ever could be otherwise.

This essential Masterclass is available as medium quality download or higher quality on DVD. and includes fully documented class notes.

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Only £9.99 for the instant download.

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"Really helpful for improving scripts with clients"
Emma Wright on 19-07-2019

 Video Format - Download £9.99