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CRUCIAL! Great inductions and deepeners

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CRUCIAL! Great inductions and deepeners


By Terence Watts

Solid Gold inductions and deepeners from a professional author with years of hypnosis experience.

Every single one of them is a powerfully constructed, highly creative piece of artistic writing but as if that wasn't enough, there is the option to match them to the personality of your client. Using the information contained in this book, you will be able to vastly improve your hypnotic skills literally overnight!


Personality Profiling: If you accurately assess your client's personality type, then you can choose an induction and deepener which will achieve the best possible results.

Rag doll: There's nothing special about this one, but this book would not be complete without some sort of relaxation script, so here we are...

Magic: This one is good for just about anybody, as long as they have a little imagination.

Swinging watch induction: If you've never tried the old fashioned induction with a swinging watch or other pendulum then you really should!

Seven plus or minus two: This is an excellent induction for the RO or logical/analytical personality type. Focussing on sensory input, it is almost impossible to resist. It has long been a favourite with a great many therapists.

Circles of the mind: This is especially effective for the very visual individual and works very well as a 'primer' for confidence boosting and ego-strengthening.

Body Confusion: This one works particularly well for the quick-minded, intelligently analytical personality type. Paced well, it will produce an intense focus.

Nervous Network: Essentially a form of relaxation, but coupled with great novelty to entrain and sustain interest.

Smallest Parts: This is another one that is particularly good for the 'hypno-resistant' personality, although it will work well with all groups.

From ceiling to floor... and more: This one works best for the creative individual, since it requires an active imagination and the ability to easily visualise something which has never happened.

Central Core: This is an excellent, fairly brief induction that works particularly well for those with some previous experience of entering the state of hypnosis.

Long Combo: This is a very long combination of a brief induction routine and some favourite deepeners that are not given elsewhere in this book. It lasts for 30 minutes at least.

Civilisation: This one is good for most personality types and works as a therapy in itself.

Flying Free: This one has a strong fantasy element to it and easily entrains the imagination of the CE personality type.

Forest of Times: An ideal entry into regression or other styles of analytical work, this script can trigger abreaction and needs to be used with caution. There is a built in 'safe place' generation.

Journey through the Universe: A good general purpose deepener that has a slight bias toward the intellectually orientated personality.

Evolution: This one is great for the intellectual individual with low or absent spiritual or religious beliefs.

Out of Body: This one is especially good as a prelude to motivational work for the CE personality type.

Stalactite and Stalagmite: Suitable for all personality types, with multi-dimensional imagery including auditory, visual and kinaesthetic stimuli.

The Canyon: An enormously powerful metaphor for goal achievement, suitable for all personality types.

The Now Pyramid: Brillant when there is a need to make changes to behaviour patterns that are rooted in long held belief structures.

The Secrets Room: A good preliminary to analytical or regression work, this one can also be used to help recover lost items.

Universal Mind: This works especially well for those with a scientific bent, not so well for the artistic soul.

This is a brilliant buy!



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 Book Format - Instant Download Only  £19.99
 Book Format - Kindle Download £19.99