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CTCB (Not 'related' to CBT)

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CTCB (Not 'related' to CBT)


By Terence Watts

This book provides a complete training in in a style of therapy that does not use regression to cause or hypnoanalysis and yet can help resolve the core conflict behind your client's presenting difficulties.

There are many times when a therapist needs to be able to help to create behavioural change that lasts, without necessarily delving into the formative years of the client and this therapy provides the perfect tool for just such a situation.

The use of hypnosis is not essential with the technique shown here (though it can be employed in many areas), making it an excellent methodology to use with the logical/analytical client, and also those who tend to be hypno-resistant or just prefer to work in a normally aware state.

  • Discover how subtle changes to thought can create BIG changes to behaviour.
  • A new style of interactive work that gets the client involved straight away.
  • Find out how the unique PALE process can reveal deep thought processes.
  • Powerful case studies are included to show the therapy at work.

The book - really a training course - covers in detail:

  • Why 'The way you do anything is the way you do everything' doesn't stand up to close scrutiny... until you make a vitally important adjustment to the idea.
  • How Descriptors and Modifiers define active and reactive states - and how to use them.
  • How the unique PALE Assessment reveals the exact balance of the responses of your client's psyche and why this is so important.
  • Using the information gained from the PALE process to ensure the best possible theapy for your client.
  • Helping your client to discover what they are doing instead of what they actually want to do.
  • How inconguence provides an excellent basis for therapy.
  • An in-depth tuition on the use of the PolyBindTM to create huge change quickly.

'Changed Thoughts, Changed Behaviour' allows you to create a totally client-centred therapy; because it works via the thought processes the client is used to using all the time, it 'fits' them perfectly. At the same time it is dynamic, changing as they do, and so is always 'in tune' with the way their psyche is working.

This is a methodology that can rapidly create lasting change wherever it is needed; it can also raise confidence and self-esteem in almost all areas of life as well as help to diminish stress and anxiety responses when all else has failed. It introduces a simple yet powerful philosophy from the ancient Mayans in the section on Acceptance - a viable alternative to the much misunderstood idea of 'forgiveness', and one which does not trigger the automatic resistance that can so often be encountered when working with the idea of letting go.

This is not any form of Hypnoanalysis, nor is it a regression therapy, NLP, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It is a highly interactive style of working that does not rely on your client's memory of events from times past, nor on your ability to deliver a script. It is incisively question based, determinedly client-centred and effective.



"Excited to start reading, thank you xx"
Carole Connor on 01-09-2021

 Book Format - Instant download only £19.99