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Easy Quit Smoking Programme

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Easy Quit Smoking Programme


By Terence Watts

This is the ONLY Smoking Cessation Programme to be approved by the Hypnotherapy Society (UK)

Boost your success rate on quit-smoking sessions with this structured, tried-and-tested programme, which is guaranteed to produce enlightenment and build motivation and resolve in your clients.

This programme can be used in a 1, 2 or 3 session format is interesting, inspiring, and EVEN MORE POWERFUL than the original 'Easy Quit Smoking Programme' around which it is based, and which has already sold thousands of copies world-wide since 1995. Ideal for the new therapist, it also has plenty for the experienced professional to use. This easy-to-learn format will enhance your effectiveness and bring recommendation after recommendation to your door.

The original 'Easy Quit-Smoking Programme' was awarded the Hypnotherapy Research Society's 1998 Special Award for Clinical Excellence.

The quit-smoking session can be one of the most straightforward aspects of a hypnotherapist's work, yet it is seen by many as a yardstick of our skills. If you can't stop someone smoking, then many people will believe that you simply 'haven't got it'. It's an established fact that if you are successful in this area, then you will be viewed by those that you help as someone to be recommended with confidence to their friends and family, even if their problems and requirements are totally different. Smokers who become ex-smokers could recommend you to claustrophobes, anxiety sufferers, depressives, insomniacs...

This programme is more than just a few clever scripts, though it does have those too. It's a structured programme of education, enlightenment, action and inspiration that allows you to produce maximum motivation that would, in many cases, be effective even without hypnosis. It is, effectively, a dedicated specialist training course for the therapist. 84 pages in length, it includes:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to control the session, plus devices, facts, advice and tips to help you deal with a wide variety of clients' objections and resistances.

  • Detailed information about the main constituents of tobacco smoke - along with an additive, the revelation of which will tell you about your client's subconscious resistance levels.

  • Four entirely different types of powerful script - primer (for 2/3 session programmes), persuasive (customisable to client), permissive, and aversive (very!) - plus a questionnaire and motivational client 'handouts' for you to copy and use.


Here is a list of some of the contents of this new programme.

  • Introduction
  • Essential information gathering
  • Session example
  • Getting down to business
  • Indirect suggestion
  • Constituents of tobacco smoke
  • Fighting dirty
  • Facing reality
  • The quit-resistant client
  • Gaining the best possible chance to quit
  • Aversion therapy
  • The good news
  • Illustrating the belief system - surprising the client
  • Three pointers to success
  • Addiction - the truth
  • The conditioned response
  • Commitment
  • The booster session
  • The last cigarette ever
  • Working with groups
  • Two/three session programme details
  • Scripts - including permissive and aversive
  • Extra resource file - includes: Internet Links to 216 smoking cessation pages; answers to 14 common objections; 'smokers face'; skin aging; facts about impotence and general health; British Medical Journal Report; specific illnesses and smoking, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, depression and schizophrenia.

There's more than enough information here to create several different presentations!

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"Thank you Mr. Watts! It's perfect."
Summer Mead on 25-12-2023

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James Malone on 09-10-2023

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Paul Maher on 09-12-2019

"Lots of persuasive material here to stop smoking"
Trish Marin on 12-06-2019

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Sharon Kilroy on 29-10-2018

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Gavin Bowtell on 28-02-2018

"The most effective, force"
Sally Spiewakowski on 14-11-2017

 Book Format - Instant download only £19.99