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The Essentials of Hypnoanalysis - part one

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The Essentials of Hypnoanalysis - part one


Essentials of Hypnoanalysis, Part 1 - Terence Watts

This presentation, an edited and enhanced recording of a live class conducted by Terence Watts, is the first of two classes which will give you a sound working knowledge of how to use this astonishingly successful discipline..

These two seminars provide between them a solid grounding in the use of a discipline which has no equal when seeking the cause of symptoms, especially those that are associated with events that have been long-forgotten. Far more effective than Regression to Cause for most issues, Hypnoanalysis provides a 'broad brush' that can help to resolve multiple issues in one therapy. Just Part 1 on its own can give you the skills to work professionally - add Part 2 to becoe a real expert!

There are many people who dismiss this particular methodology as 'old hat' or 'ineffective' yet it is a fact that it was primary therapy used by Terence for many years - and since he had 40 clients weekly with another 40 waiting most of the time, it says something about the efficacy of this style of working - when it has been properly taught.

Terence is a consumate educator (indeed, was elected as 'Educator of the Year 2012 by the IMDHA) and innovator and his easy and communicative style makes it easy for individuals to acquire knowledge without trying! He has coached a great number of people in the art of Hypnoanalysis and many of his past students are achieving levels of success that surprises and impresses them - and their clients.

Hypnoanalysis is an under-used discipline which can produce deeper and wider-reaching results for your clients than just about any other style of investigative therapy, including Regression to Cause. It is also more precise than Ideo Motor Response or 'Pinpoint analysis'.

In this class, you will discover:

  • When Hypnoanalysis is indicated and contra-indicated
  • The therapist errors that prevent it working
  • The easiness of getting the best our of the methodology
  • Accurately assessing the client for suitability
  • The importance of teaching the client what they need to bring to the therapy
  • Understanding what sort of client cannot respond to this sort of therapy
  • The effectiveness of Word Association tests to get the memories flowing

Also included are written notes to complement the enormous amount of information crammed into this 56 minute presentation.

The presentation is available as a 260 MB download (about 20 minutes at 2 Mb/sec) at only £9.99



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Gavin Bowtell on 28-02-2018

 Video Format - Download £9.99