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The Essentials of Hypnoanalysis - part two

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The Essentials of Hypnoanalysis - part two


Essentials of Hypnoanalysis, Part 2 - Terence Watts

This presentation, an edited and enhanced recording of a live class conducted by Terence Watts, is the second of two classes which together will give you a sound working knowledge of how to use this astonishingly successful discipline.

In this second part of the training, you will discover the primary reason why you might use Hypnoanalysis over other styles of therapy and how it actually 'fixes' difficulties that are often perceived as 'difficult'.

A brief case study provides a crystal clear insight as to how this style of working can provide enlightenment and relief for symptom patterns that have existed within the client's psyche for many years. It shows how a new understanding of events from many years ago can change an entire perspective on the world for a client.

Terence is a consumate educator and his easy and informal communicative approach engages the attention of the 'learning centres' of the brain, almost invisibly implanting vital information for retrieval just when you need it!.

Hypnoanalysis, under the right circumstances (just as with any other therapy) is probably unequalled when it comes to working with sexual issues, confidence, true phobias, profound fears, insomnia, some depressions, hysterical conversion, psychologically induced asthma, eczema, urticaria, stress-related psoriasis and much more.

In this class, you will discover:

  • How to handle abreaction
  • The four golden rules that guarantee success
  • How to deal with the "I can't remember anything..." response
  • The importance of the ISE over the SSE
  • The difference between, and importance of, client truth and fact
  • The absolute importance of the belief and expectation system to this style of therapy
  • How asking the right sort of question conditions the client's mind to find the problem.

Also included are written notes to complement the enormous amount of information crammed into this 51 minute presentation.

The presentation is available as a 197 MB download (about 15 minutes at 2 Mb/sec) at only £9.99



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Gavin Bowtell on 28-02-2018

 Video Format - Download £9.99