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Grief and personality

 Video Format - Download £9.99

Grief and personality

Grief and Personality - Terence Watts

This is an edited and enhanced recording of a live class conducted by Terence Watts

An ‘add on’ to the ‘Grief and Bereavement’ video seminar, this one takes account of the way the deepest fundamental emotional processes of an individual ‘work’ during bereavement and loss.

Different personalities grieve in different ways... That might sound obvious, of course, but the point is that unless you understand the underlying emotional instincts of an individual, you can very easily find your self working in a manner which doesn’t best suit the individual - and could even make their pain worse.

Although this presentation is based around Terence’s concept of Warriors, Settlers & Nomads (which you can read about elsewhere on this site) it doesn’t matter if you’re not familiar with that, for enough information is provided for you to be able to work confidently.

In a nutshell:

  • In Warrior mode, the client will be factual and often apparently unemotional
  • In Settler mode, they’ll be emotional and tell you about their huge loss
  • In Nomad mode, they will be graphic and give you details about the death and/or funeral

It’s far too easy to perceive that a Nomad or a Warrior is not suffering too badly and is not in any way ‘stuck’... and yet you would often be wrong. In the same way, a Settler can look as if they are about to commit suicide... And yet they are often the toughest and most resilient of the three basic types.

It’s essential to recognise that:

  • For the Warrior, bereavement heightens fears and awareness of their own mortality
  • The Settler will often be feeling a sense of inadequacy or guilt - and yet might not realise this
  • The Nomad might show more grief that they are actually feeling... But privately feel great guilt about this

An overview of how to work effectively with each type is given, along with a ‘Fear of Death’ script you can use to great effect when it’s needed. The script includes a concept that can be used to help people come more easily to terms with their loss, even if you don’t use the script itself.

It's available as a 194Mb download (about 12-15 minutes at 2 Mb/sec) at only £9.99

 Video Format - Download £9.99