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By Terence Watts


This is a 10 lesson professional course in book form, covering the technical and practical aspects of Hypnoanalysis using Free Association and Regression to Cause.


It is labelled 'Concise' because it crams a huge amount of information into 70,000 words - this is not a slim 5 minute read as many ebooks can be; it is the equivalent of over 230 pages of a physical book and is written by a professional therapist and author.


This book does not set out to teach you hypnosis and there are no inductions or deepeners included - this is a publication for the professional therapist who has already learnt at least the basics of hypnosis. A host of techniques are covered that will allow you to work with almost every type of client and almost every presenting difficulty where solution-focussed work of suggestion is ineffective.


For getting to the 'roots' of presenting problems, Hypnoanalysis really has no equal and this course will teach you all that you need to know to be effective.


Learn how to instantly recognise when the use of an analytical technique is indicated and be certain to choose exactly the right methodology that takes into account the symptom and the personality of the client.


There are many therapists who claim to be hypnoanalysts but the truth is that there are very few indeed who know how to use this particular discipline to good effect. Working without full knowledge of the forces of the psyche that will be accessed can be hazardous for both client and therapist; with the training this course gives you, you will always be prepared, always able to safely guide the client through emotional release and subsequent catharsis - and when problems are released with this style of work they stay released for good!


Among the many subjects that are covered are:


  • Hypermnesia
  • Cryptamnesia
  • False Memory Syndrome
  • Repression
  • The 'Will to Power'
  • Anxiety and Sexuality
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • How symptoms can be related to personality
  • Hysterical conversion and Hypochondria


And there is plenty of discussion about many others besides...


Get to grips with the forces of Sublimation, Transference, Counter Transference, Narcissism, Substitution and more. Recognise early signs of burnout and know how to deal with it easily and effectively. And learn how to release a client from the misery of Cumulative Trauma.


When a symptom set has persisted for years and resisted all efforts to release it, an individual can understandably begin to lose confidence in the idea that any therapy might be of help to them. Yet hypnoanalysis can set people free from a lifetime of anxiety and low self-esteem... and because it is a specialist skill, you are able to offer a methodology that is completely different from all the usual 'run of the mill' therapists. Many times people will come to you as 'their last hope' - and you won't let them down!


Covered in depth are:


  • When analysis is indicated
  • When analysis is contra-indicated
  • Conducting the therapy - from start to finish
  • Discharging the client when therapy is complete
  • The 'why, when and how' of discharging the client when therapy is incomplete
  • Regression to Cause
  • Free Association
  • The subconscious 'Primer Session'
  • Recognising the approach of abreaction
  • Safely using abreaction to achieve catharsis
  • Leading and guiding


We have all heard 'knowledgeable' therapists claiming that hypnoanalysis is 'too slow' or that it is 'old hat' or simply 'doesn't work'; what they really mean is that they have not been trained in the discipline but have conducted something that they believe is analysis when everything else they knew didn't produce a result! And as far as that 'too slow' statement... well, when you take 6 - 10 fifty-minute sessions to set a client free from a symptom that's been wrecking their life for years, you can guarantee that they won't think it was too slow!


Sometimes a phobia is nothing more than a fear that can be released with a 'quick-fix' routine (and a couple of those are included in the course); at other times it can be the response to a trigger for the fear of death deep in the psyche that must be removed if the client is to remain well. Would you know how to tell the difference? The course will teach you...


It is fair to say that as professional therapists, we need a steadily growing number of techniques to work with, now that more and more people are bringing complex problems to our offices. EMDR, EFT, TFT, NLP... Solution Focussed Work... Direct and Indirect Suggestion... CBT, Rogerian therapy, Guided Imagery and Guided Visualisation... all these are excellent working methodologies. But the therapist who is not skilled with analytical techniques is the therapist with a gap in that tool box!


The Concise Course in Hypnoanalysis is a 'must have' for the working therapist and it's available NOW


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