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HYPNOSIS: Advanced Techniques in Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis

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HYPNOSIS: Advanced Techniques in Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis

This is a great book of consulting room techniques and ideas by Terence Watts a UK-based hypnotherapist and psychotherapist with more than 35,000 client hours of experience since 1989

It is ideal for the working professional therapist to hone existing skills or for the newcomer to the profession who needs some readily available and usable techniques for effective working with some commonly presented problems.

This book does not set out to teach hypnosis. It assumes that you already have some working knowledge, though there is much in the book that does not rely on formal trance states, nor, indeed, the presence of any hypnotic state at all.

There are even workshop notes included, so that professional presenters can use the contents of this book in a classroom/seminar environment. In fact, there is more than enough material included for a three day seminar/workshop!

Here's a list of just some of the contents:

  • The invisible therapist
  • The miracle box
  • Regressive progression
  • 'Not today'
  • Tell me a story
  • The singe frame of film
  • Mini Parts
  • Archetypal Parts Imagery
  • Don't Can't
  • Different futures
  • Central core
  • Working confidently with sexual issues
  • Working with sexual issues with the opposite sex
  • The virtual world

This would be quite enough on its own; there's material enough there for most situations you will encounter in the consulting room. But it doesn't stop there, because also included is:

  • An astonshingly powerful methodology for working with Emetophobia (fear of vomit or vomiting) along with plenty of little-known information about this distressing illness.
  • A 'how to' for the most covert style of suggestion work ever devised
  • 'Archetypal Parts Imagery' - a modern, fast and truly astonishingly effective form of PARTS work.
  • Techniques for dealing with the dramatically-emotional client, and the analytically orientated client
  • A look at when a 'phobia' is actually a type of OCD - and how to recognise when this is the case
  • Analytical psychotherapeutic techniques for conscious working

It's odds on that you'll find yourself coming back to this book over and over again! Even the most skilled therapist is likely to find much that will add another dimension to the toolbox, while the newcomer will be instantly provided with abundant information to help create rapid change.


 Book Format - Physical Product - no download £24.99