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Module One

Module One

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This course was created by Terence Watts and contains exactly the same material that he teaches in his school, the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis Enrolling for this online version gives you unlimited contact with Terence, ensuring that you can experience an excellent learning process!


Module One
The Beginning of an Understanding


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The contents of this module include:


INTRODUCTION - all about the course, how it came into being, what it will teach you, plus the required reading list.


LESSON ONE - The hypnotherapy business and the professional practitioner. How to get going and how to make a success. Some basic facts about hypnosis, what it can and cannot do, and how effective it may be. Some myths dispelled. Finding and handling clients.


LESSON TWO - What hypnotherapy actually is and how it can help. Some more facts about hypnosis and the importance of the therapy part of the equation. Common misconceptions. The workings of the subconscious mind. Learning how to take a volunteer into and safely out of a light hypnotic state.


AUDIO SUPPORT - The sort of people who train as therapists and the sort of people who consult a hypnotherapist. Life experience is far more important than intelligence for the practitioner. How long it takes to become proficient. Miracles, myths and the stage show. Anyone can learn it, but it will not give you unlimited power over others. Inducing the 'pre-hypnotic' state.


Every module carries extra information files - in addition to the already extensive course materials - to give you the best possible 'hypnoeducation' and allow you to do great work with your clients once qualified. This first module includes the Progressive Relaxation Induction, an 'industry standard' methodology for safely inducing a light hypnotic state, sometimes referred to as a 'pre-hypnotic state'. Your volunteers will love it - and so will you!


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Joy Fourie on 30-06-2018

"Extremely interesting, ea"
Erika Mouttet on 31-12-2017

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