Hypnosense - Terence Watts

Professional Training Courses

Module Ten

Module Ten

Module Ten


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The contents of this module include:


REGRESSION AND ANALYSIS - This final part of the course teaches you in detail the techniques that you can use to conduct the perfect session of regression-to-cause or hypnoanalysis with your clients. The work here is careully shown step-by-step to help you conduct one of the most powerful therapies known.


You will also see that you have the final exam; if you have been submitting your course assignments and are up to date, complete the exam and submit it when you're ready. It will be assessed within 7 days and if you are successful you will recieve your diploma soon afterwards.


Extras in this final module include:


  • Working with grief
  • Consciousness - a convincing illustration for the scieintific mind
  • Repression - two illustrations showing how and why this psychological process occurs

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