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Module Two

Module Two

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Module Two
Getting to Grips With it All


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The contents of this module include:


LESSON THREE - What it can do and who it can do it to; treatable people and ailments. The 'strong mind', depth of trance, who can and cannot be hypnotised, and who should not be hypnotised. Who has the skill? The importance of keeping within your level of expertise.


LESSON FOUR - Personality types; learning how to understand other peoples' true underlying personality and what makes them 'tick'. Rapid recognition of type. Handling each type faultlessly and improving your communication skills.


AUDIO SUPPORT - The 'automatic' resistance of some to attempts to hypnotise them; recognising it and avoiding the trap. Learning properly from the start in order to avoid the 'hypnosis is unreliable' belief pattern by study and understanding. It's all so easy when you know how. Spontaneous hypnosis and how and when it occurs. Waking hypnosis.


'Extra information files' with this module include:


  • Ancestral Memory - the origins of conflict'
  • Comprehensive list of phobias
  • The 'Hand Drop' method of inducing hypnosis


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