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Module Three

Module Three

Module Three
Stress, Anxiety and Fear


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The contents of this module include:


LESSON FIVE - Anxiety; an overview of neurosis, fear, stress and its effect upon the psyche, and the manner in which symptoms may form. What conflict is and where it comes from. Fight or flight... an ancient response pattern for survival. Anxiety and sexuality. Sensitising events.


LESSON SIX - How to handle the client and get it right from the beginning of therapy to a successful conclusion. The intial consultation and the importance of the pre-talk. Some complications and the answers. Client resistance and the 'will to power'.


AUDIO SUPPORT - The common idea of neurosis v. the therapist's view of neurosis. Fear and the fight or flight response. Avoidance patterns in therapy (getting better to get away). Stress as an illness. Imagination, belief, and the 'nervous breakdown'. Saying 'hello' to the client for the first time and being TRULY non-critical. The hypnosis session pre-talk.


This month's 'Extra Information Files' include:


  • An enlightening essay on Social Phobia
  • Brainwave functions explained

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