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Module Four

Module Four

Module Four
Practical Hypnosis


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The contents of this module include:


LESSON SEVEN - Practical hypnosis (1); fundamental concepts. The difference between hypnosis and suggestion. Suggestibility and the Conscious Critical Faculty. The importance of selective thinking. A practical example. The power of visualisation. The law of reverse effort.

LESSON EIGHT - Practical hypnosis (2); basic skills. How to induce hypnosis and how to recognise it when you have; twenty signs that give the game away. Suggestibility tests - how and when to use them. Depth of trance. Self hypnosis and how to induce it.

AUDIO SUPPORT - Suggestion must be desired wholeheartedly; 'failure triumph'. The Conscious Critical Faculty, selective thinking and positivity. Why visualisation is more effective than words on their own. The importance of being 10... Dave Elman and his techniques. Using your voice effectively on inductions and suggestibility tests. Do gadgets work?


The 'Extra Information Files' include:


  • 'The Canyon' - a hypnotic induction used by many professionals
  • 'Seven plus or minus two' - a superb hypnotic induction for the 'brain-focused' individual
  • The 'Ego Strengthener' that will allow you to make people feel really good!

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