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Module Five

Module Five

Module Five
Making Hypnosis Work


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The contents of this module include:


LESSON NINE - Hypnotic inductions. Detailed methods for several different styles of induction, including approaches suitable for different and maybe resistant personality types. Rapid self hypnosis. Involuntary hypnosis and how to achieve it in a client. Trance ratification and how to finish the session.


LESSON TEN - Deepening techniques. Several tried and tested routines for deepening the hypnotic state. A deepener that can be used for therapy in itself. How to construct a professional and effective deepener using your own ideas and thoughts.


SMOKING CESSATION - the Hypnosense Easy Quit Smoking Programme to help you do it the way the professionals do.


AUDIO SUPPORT - The hypno well-being relaxation recording. Examples of suitable inductions for Warrior and Nomad personalities. Some more examples of deepening techniques. How NOT to do it.


Extras this month are:


  • The 'Six Step Reframe' fast phobia fix
  • The 'Watkins Affect Bridge' to get to the roots of problems
  • The 'Easy Quit Smoking Programme' (as featured in the 'Professional Shop' section of this site)

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