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Module Six

Module Six

Module Six
The Art of Suggestion


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The contents of this module include:


LESSON ELEVEN - Hypnotherapy and suggestion - the healing part of the work. A fully detailed exploration of a simple 'uncovering' technique. The hidden agenda and secondary gain. Hypnotic suggestion and post-hypnotic suggestion. Tuition on working with the listed ailments.


ROY HUNTER'S FAQ - the 'Official Hypnosis FAQ of the alt.hypnosis Newsgroup'. The full 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) document as published by Roy Hunter on the internet newsgroup.


AUDIO SUPPORT - Why you should not make suggestions up as you go. Have respect for the power of suggestion. Good suggestions and bad suggestions. Autosuggestion and how to use it. Modelling. Client clues to the truth. The importance of getting to the root of it all. Evasions. Deletions. Distortion. Emotional Incongruence. Protection of integrity.


Extra information file this month:


  • The 'Swinging Watch' induction method. Old, perhaps, but still effective!

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