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Module Seven

Module Seven

Module Seven
Frequently Presented Illnesses


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The contents of this module include:


LESSON TWELVE - All in a day's work; frequently presented illnesses. A detailed look at some of the commonly presented psychological difficulties that the client will bring into the consulting room, including depression and stress-related issues.


LESSON THIRTEEN - Advanced topics - an overview (1). A look at some advanced aspects of hypnotherapy, including: anaesthesia; False Memory Syndrome; repression, regression and hypnoanalysis; abreaction and catharsis; the phobic response; the importance of the Initial Sensitising Event (ISE)


AUDIO SUPPORT - How to spot the obsessive personality from the things they tell you. OCD. Why you should limit therapy with the obsessive. Handling abreaction. Depression and its disguises. Grief in various forms. The panic attack; provocative treatment (make a note, worry time, etc.) Direct and Indirect symptoms. Analysis and analytical techniques. False memory. Phobias and fears. Hypno-Anaesthesia.


The 'Extra Information Files' for this month include:


  • The Magic Rainbow - a favourite induction with many therapists
  • Two separate routines for effective Stress Management
  • A table of typical OCD symptoms to aid recognition of this disorder

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