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Module Eight

Module Eight

Module Eight
Advanced Topics


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The contents of this module include:


LESSON FOURTEEN - Advanced topics - an overview (2) Some more details of advanced concepts of the profession, including a look at probably the most powerful motivating force known to man... Transference. A look at Past Life Regression (PLR). Therapist burnout and how to avoid it.


LESSON FIFTEEN - Some notes and ideas to help you further your career. Therapy for self and 'further education' in the form of seminars and workshops. The phenomena of sublimation and substitution. Sticking to what you know. The future of hypnotherapy.


AUDIO SUPPORT - The power of transference during analytical therapy, with examples. How transference can sometimes be towards the therapy itself or to 'the man across the road'. Counter transference in analytical therapy. First signs of counter transference. Supervision. Therapy for self. Giving talks and building your business. Meters, gadgets, and 'further education'. Thank you letters, gifts and greetings cards from clients. A short 'pep-talk'. The internet.


Extra information files for this module:


  • Two amazingly accurate personality tests
  • 'Golden Rules for Business Success' - this is 'must-have' guide
  • The 'Central Core' hypnotic induction - a super method for creating feelings of well-being

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