Hypnosense - Terence Watts

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Module Nine

Module Nine

Module Nine
Getting to the roots of things


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The contents of this module include:


HYPNOANALYSIS - getting to the roots of problems. This section of the course teaches you the essnetial methodologies that will allow you to help you clients discover where their problems came from and how to let go of them easily.


There are also some interesting 'extras' with this module, including the notes from the first full lecture that I ever gave and which is still relevant to hypnoanalysis, and a paper that informs you more fully about Schizophrenia.


Extras include:


  • 'True Lies - problems with recall' an enlightening paper about the frailty of memory
  • Clocks - an illustration of the importance of Free Association
  • Psychotic Behaviour - a guide to recognising psychosis

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