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Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals

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Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals


28 elegant sessions from the expert pen of Terence Watts

This book contains scripts to help with some of the problems most commonly presented to the working hypnotherapist.

To call them 'suggestion scripts' most definitely does not do them the justice they deserve

No matter what style of work you favour - cognitive, analytical, Ericksonian or NLP-based - you are still going to need to use suggestion with every client if you are to help them get the best out of the work you do for them. This book was written by a successful working therapist with many thousands of hours of clinical experience and includes elegant session work for:

  • Each one is a highly evolved and extremely powerful session, developed and used by the author himself, based on around 24,000 hours of professional clinical experience
  • Each one has been carefully crafted to entrain both the logical and analytical thought processes - essential for success with a wide range of personality types
  • As well as direct and indirect suggestion, elegant techniqes such as covert anchoring, double binds, embedded commands, confusion and reframing are all employed to great effect

Anger Management: This script can work astoundingly well with anger management though is not truly suitable where it is of catastrophic proportions leading to criminal attacks.

Financial Abundance:
This works best after some discussion about the need for some work to achieve financial abundance (You can substitute 'financial independence' where it is preferred); Lottery wins don't happen as a result of hypnosis sessions!

Sexual Enhancement:
There is nothing subtle or indirect about this powerful script - sex is hardly a subtle or indirect act - and it concentrates on the physical aspects of heterosexual sex and sexuality.

Confidence in Public: This one works well for almost any social phobia or low confidence situation; it works on several levels, much of it 'invisible' to the client, and has a carefully constructed and covertly installed anchor.

Confidence with Females: This script can be astonishingly effective with the young male who lacks the confidence to talk easily to females. It is biased towards romantic/sexual connection rather than a simple platonic matter but can work well for either.

Confidence with Males: This is not simply a rewrite of the previous 'confidence with females' script (although it is still biased towards the romantic/sexual situation) because the origins of this particular fear are usually completely different from those concerned with fear of females.

Ego Strengthening: I almost didn't include this, since there is an abundance of this type of script freely available... but then I realised that I really like this one... so here it is. It works well for all personality types and has the advantage of creating an instant acceptance of the inbuilt ability to create positive change.

Weight Control (1): Weight control, especially when trying to reduce, is well-known as a trouble spot for many therapists. This script is different from many in that it seeks to access and nullify any underlying reasons for the problem.

Weight Control (2): This is a fairly standard inspirational style of script that will often work well with those individuals who value 'respectability'. It makes use of 'conceptual negatives' - i.e. 'you will have no need to clear your plate...' where the 'no need to clear your plate' is a concept which is found.

Weight Control (3): This is an aversive style of script which can work extremely well with those who are image conscious and have a creative imagination. Although the 'modern way' is to work with the 'benefits approach', sometimes aversion is a powerful tool.

Weight Control (4): This is a quite elegant permissive script that works well for almost all personality types; it takes a fairly unorthodox approach which can be remarkably effective.

Nail Biting Cessation: There is nothing particularly remarkable about this script; it is based on the fairly standard idea of a habit replacement technique, though the permissive approach to the replacement habit is unusual. One or two sessions should suffice, especially if using one of the personality-related inductions to be found in the 'CRUCIAL!' book of inductions and deepeners.

Smoking Cessation: The script shown here is very strongly benefits orientated, and also makes use of a conceptual negative ("You will have... no wish... to smoke tobacco..."). Be sure to discover the real reason that your clients want to quit - it is almost never money, though they may try to tell you that it is.

Concentration and Recall: This script can be quite effective, since it seeks to work on the left side of the brain, the logical side that deals with all chronological memory and logical constructs. There is a confusional element at the beginning which should not be simplified.

Fear of the Dentist: This will be sufficient for most cases of 'dental phobia', which is usually nothing more than a conditioned response from childhood. It is not intended for use in the situation that there has been traumatic event on a previous visit; in those cases, some form of regression and desensitisation is usually indicated.

Speaking in Public: This works well for either the 'one off' situation of, say, a speech at a wedding, or for the individual who is required to make presentations on a regular basis. For the latter, be sure to emphasise the trigger given at the end.

Fertility: This script is particularly designed for the woman who has no physical impairment but somehow just can't manage to get pregnant. Sometimes, the psychological processes are deep enough that some form of investigative therapy is indicated before the use of this sort of suggestion script.

Childbirth: This has worked well for many women and is orientated towards positive concepts. It is unusual in that it seeks to create the possibility of the birth being shared with the child instead of being a solo experience.

Morning Sickness: This script can be astonishingly effective with a situation that can be quite difficult to work with. It relies on a substitution of the feelings, using both an anchor - and a disguised trigger.

Self Acceptance: It is of great importance that you find out what it is that the client is having difficulty in accepting, as far as personality/self is concerned. The script makes reference to this; it also makes reference to things from the past but does not probe.

Self Image Enhancement: This relies somewhat on some quite 'sneaky' reverse psychology towards the end. Always remember, though, that it is rare that a script of any sort will provide a long-term 'fix' for this sort of problem

Self Worth Enhancement: This uses client interaction, embedded commands and the SWISH technique rolled together in a powerful combination.

Stuttering and Stammering: Another script which uses the covert introduction of an anchor. Be sure to use 'stammer' in place of 'stutter' when appropriate; a stutter is: "M-m-m-monday", while a stammer is where there is a long pause before any sound is uttered, sometimes with apparent breath holding.

Exam Confidence: This one uses a novel approach to access and illuminate the natural abilities of the mind to recall information that has been properly stored; it is phrased for a written exam where there has been prior study but it can easily be modified for any examination situation.

Fear of Death: The pre-talk for this one should work with the idea that a fear of death is often a fear of oblivion - but there is nothing to say that this is what happens after death.

Fear of Driving: This is intended to be used to help those individuals who have passed their driving test but carry a fear of driving, rather than those with a fear of the driving test itself.

Fear of Flying (1): This script is designed primarily for those who have carried a fear of flying since before they ever flew and who have no flight date planned.

Fear of Flying (2): This script differs in concept from the previous one, since it is designed for the individual who has a flight booked but whose fear is increasing by the day. It is best delivered the day before the flight, if possible, and it is essential that the trigger at the end of script is installed.

These twenty-eight first class scripts will enhance your 'performance' as a therapist - and that means more referrals and more money in the bank!

This book is a 'must have' for the working therapist and it's available NOW



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 Book Format - Instant Download Only  £19.99
 Book Format - Kindle Download £19.99