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Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals Volume II

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Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals Volume II


By Terence Watts

Another great addition to the Professional Therapist's library - Hypnotic Suggestion for Professionals Vol II - Another 28 first class scripts!

This book contains professionally crafted scripts to help with some of the problems that are most commonly presented to the working hypnotherapist.

As in the first book, to call them 'suggestion scripts' most definitely does not do them the justice they deserve!

No matter what style of work you favour - cognitive, analytical, Ericksonian or NLP-based - you are still going to need to use suggestion with every client if you are to help them get the best out of the work you do for them.

  • Each script is light years away from the old-fashioned "From this day forward you will discover that you can..." approach, though this is very occasionally employed.
  • Each one is a highly evolved and extremely powerful session, developed and used by the author himself, based on around 24,000 hours of professional clinical experience
  • A professionally crafted narrative style of presentation entrains the logical, analytical and creative thought processes, and propels the imagination forwards - essential for success with a wide range of personality types
  • Direct and indirect suggestion; elegant techniques such as covert anchoring; double binds, embedded commands, confusion, reframing, forward pacing... all these are employed to great effect

This book was written by a successful working therapist with many thousands of hours of clinical experience and includes elegant session work for:

Fear of Spiders: Fear of spiders - Arachnophobia - is quite common and some would say almost universal. This script addresses the fact that the 'sufferer' is not actually a sufferer at all but really quite normal, in that the vast majority of humans tend to have some fear of spiders that can be overcome with astonishing ease.

Fear of Wasps: In this script, good use is made of 'conceptual negatives' - the concepts of 'no need' and 'no anxiety' - and some gentle humour...

Driving Test Fear: There's nothing particularly remarkable about this script; it simply seeks to use anchors, triggers, and 'normalisation' to cope comfortably with what, for many individuals' is a nerve-wracking experience.

Preparation for Surgery: This script will engender a sense of calmness and anticipation of a successful clinical intervention. It can also allay fears and negativity and greatly reduce the severity of any post-operative shock/trauma.

Rapid Healing After Surgery: This script nicely supplements Preparation for Surgery and both can be usefully combined to provide a powerful two or three session therapy.

Finding Inner Wisdom: This is an useful script for those occasions when a client presents with an apparently insoluble problem. It works extremely well on those occasions but is also useful when the client is just not able to find any way forward.

Business Success: This one is designed primarily for the entrepreneur or for the individual who simply wants to develop the success of an existing business or new start up venture. It has a section where you can optionally insert a customised outcome, which will enhance effectiveness.

Motivation for Exercise: This interactive script seeks to instil a keenness - or at least a willingness - for an activity that often has a high 'give up' rate. A 'hidden trigger' gives the script more power.

Cholesterol Control: This script assumes that the client is not doing enough 'self help' and is therefore highly motivational. You should always ensure that a conventional medical advice has been sought.

Blood Pressure Management: This script can usefully be applied three or four times on successive weeks. It works as an instant stress reliever, rather than the usual method of attempting to create physical changes in the face of adversity.

Easy Sleeping: This powerful and effective script seeks to assist with the process of sleep as well as to minimise the anxiety that perceived lack of sleep can cause. It addresses the unusual problem of dreaming of being awake.

Erectile Dysfunction: This script uses covert language patterns and powerful imagery. It is NOT for the faint-hearted to employ but it is extraordinarily effective.

Vaginismus: Vaginismus could almost be called 'female impotence' although it is far more often the result of psychology than physiology. It is sometimes related to guilt complexes about the sheer power of the sexual drive. Hypnotherapy can be effective, especially if investigative techniques are used.

Enhancing Creativity and Imagination: Because the psychological processes needed to motivate the processes of Creativity and Imagination are somewhat similar to that required for the Business Success method in this book, the two scripts share certain common elements.

Health and Longevity: It is of importance to remain realistic when using a script of this sort! We cannot extend life beyond its usual limits - we can only help our client to get the best that his/her physiology can manage, and that means encouragement towards exercise and reasonably healthy eating.

Positive Thinking and Doing: This script addresses the fact that whilst many people understand the notion of positive thinking, they are not particularly able when it comes to positive doing.

Releasing Guilt: This script is intended to help release guilt reactions and emotions, whether the guilt was warranted or unwarranted. It is specifically designed to deal with 'stuck' guilt where the misdemeanour or perceived wrongdoing was long enough ago that it would be 'normal' to have let go of it by now.

Energy, Stamina and Staying Power: This is designed to help those who tend to have problems 'following through' with plans and tasks and who blame it on not enough energy. It will boost tenacity - staying power - and handled well will help to promote feelings of optimism.

Success/Failure Syndrome: Fear of failure and fear of success are often from the same root and it's not unusual for an individual to claim the exact opposite of what is actually the case. The script seeks to 'normalise' success and is therefore suitable to use with either situation.

Making Decisions: Most of the time, when a client presents with a difficulty with making decisions, the problem is not one of difficulty but of certainty. This script seeks to engender the recognition that it is actually very difficult to not make decisions and that we therefore may as well make those which are most satisfactory to us.

Letting go of Jealousy: Jealousy, especially when it is of a sexual nature and/or associated with relationship issues, can be extraordinarily debilitating to the owner of it. Often obsessive in nature it can be astonishingly resistant to therapy, so this script uses embedded commands and persuasive logic coupled to a double bind and some confusion.

Letting go of a Lover: There are times when a client presents with the "I can't get this person out of my mind" syndrome. It makes little difference whether the relationship had been of long or short duration - the fact is, our client is in the grip of an obsessive thought pattern which can be difficult to break.

Letting go of a Parent: This script is designed to help those individuals who are having trouble in achieving a properly adult status in life, because of not being able to separate from parental influence.

Coping with Animal Grief: For many people, the sense of loss at the death of an animal can be at least as profound as at the death of a relative or spouse. Most of the time, it will be a cat or dog that has died but it is not unknown for usually unemotional individuals to become distraught at the passing of a pet bird or small rodent.

Fear of Needles (Injections): A fear of injections can have far-reaching effects on an individual's life. It's not just that going to the dentist is almost impossible and travel to some parts of the world cannot be contemplated; there is often a dread of having a minor accident and needing a tetanus 'jab' or having a more serious accident and needing to have a transfusion or a blood test.

Social Interaction: This one is designed specifically for the situation where an individual is able to socialise but feels unable to communicate adequately. It is a mild form of social phobia, though is often not recognised as such.

Fear of What Others Think: This script is in the form of a metaphor which the author has found to be very effective at helping people to recognise the reality that what pleases one person does not necessarily please another. Therefore, what others think is of no particular importance and may not be valid in any case.

Ultimate Self Worth: While there are a great number of self worth scripts available, this one is different in that instead of seeking to convince the client that s/he is at least the equal of any other with the use of semantics, it rather seeks to encourage a natural realisation and acceptance of that happy fact.

These twenty-eight first class scripts will further enhance your 'performance' as a therapist - and that means more referrals and more money in the bank!

This book is a 'must have' for the working therapist and it's available NOW



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 Book Format - Instant Download Only  £19.99
 Book Format - Kindle Download £19.99