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Inductions & Deepeners for Male Clients

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Inductions & Deepeners for Male Clients

By Terence Watts

Male and female minds work differently... it might be conditioning or it might be genetic, but the fact remains that there IS a difference.

The scripts in this book have been crafted particularly with male processes in mind and they do far more than just induce a good state of hypnosis - they seek to energise the relevant neurological activity to ensure that the therapy gets off to a great start! Whether you are working with regression or suggestion, these scripts will enhance your success rate with your male clients.

22 brand new scripts with superb inductions and powerful deepeners, including:

A Brainful of Electricity: This will appeal to, and work well with, the logical and analytical personality with a leaning towards a scientific interest. It draws on research into brain patterns and the fact that even just thinking about a movement activates the relevant part of the brain.

Male Meditation: This interactive induction includes the essential features of a chakra meditation including colours and adding sound. The language is determinedly 'un-mystical' in order to keep a sense of being grounded and practical.

The Weightless Bubble: This one works in the same way as the 'Body Awareness' script that you might have seen in a previous book. It is one of the 'irresistible' inductions and takes account of the fact that if you mention a body part, the mind is quite unable to avoid thinking of that part.

Trek: This induction script works very well for the down-to-earth, practical type of individual who is not really 'into' any form of artistic creativity. It works on the same principal as a progressive relaxation and 'partners' well with the 'Hunter' deepener later in the book.

Thought Transference: One for the philosophically-minded individual, this induction prepares the way for any therapy that involves thinking and feeling, as opposed to action or behaviour. For that reason, it is well suited for problems such as ego-strengthening, confidence issues and the like.

The Machine: An induction based upon an ancient Mayan notion that every single person on the face of the earth is a part of the great machine that is humanity. Every part has a vital purpose, and without every single one of them, however unlikely it might seem, then machine would simply cease to function properly.

The Grid: This one is designed to work best with the imaginative/creative individual and is a 'general purpose' induction that will combine well with almost any deepener. There are some areas that refer to personality and the use of relevant 'expression' in delivery will enhance the effect.

Team Leader: This script is ideal for the younger, logically orientated male who is used to working in a strongly male-orientated competitive environment. Whether the session is work or personal matters is not important.

Stones: This induction can work well for any personality type, even with the individual with limited imaginative abilities, thanks to the fact that it employs conscious thought at least as much as it does classic visualisation.

Science: This is an induction that is best suited to the intelligent analytical personality, though it will be effective for anybody with a scientific 'turn of mind'. Scientific references throughout have been checked for accuracy and can entrain even the most resistant of mindsets.

Quad: This is induction will work for almost all personality types and is useful for the client who needs to move on in some way. It pairs well with the 'smallholding' induction, since that one makes reference to the fact that all of life is a process of change and renewal.

Marathon: This deepener uses the symbolism of a long-distance runner needing to go through 'the wall' in order to achieve a goal. It is intended to inspire a client to focus on the notion that even the most marathon of tasks is 'doable' and is therefore eminently suitable for situations where staying power will be helpful.

Empire Builder: This deepener is designed to activate the neural pathways involved in planning, career or goal pursuit issues - although since it enhances determination it is also suitable for many other situations. It works especially well when following the Team Leader induction.

Heath Robinson: This deepener script works well for the scientifically orientated individual and follows on nicely from the 'Science' induction. It will also be effective for the individual with a lively imagination and easily prepares the mind for suggestion work. It incorporates a 'hidden' version of the well-known 'miracle question' to forward pace the client.

Gadget: This one is a general purpose deepener, containing elements that make it equally suitable for regression to cause, hypnoanalysis or suggestion work. It will stimulate the imaginative centres of the physical brain but it is important that the client is familiar with the touch screens of modern gadgetry.

Imagine You Could Fly...: This deepener is pretty much 'general purpose' and can be used effectively to prepare for any form of work, be it suggestion or regression. It is particularly well-suited where there is a need to see things from a broad perspective.

Hunter: This deepener pairs well with the 'Trek' induction, though it can be used after any induction of your choice, of course. It's actually a metaphor for the biological processes that brought us all into being and is therefore good to prepare the way for new starts of any sort.

The Alchemist: Designed primarily for deepening before suggestion sessions, this script works best with those who have reasonable abilities for visualisation. It readily creates a receptive attitude to the idea that it is possible to use existing resources to create a needed change.

Smallholding: This deepener pairs very well with the 'Quad' induction earlier on the book. It is best suited to the creative mind and prepares the client to accept the notion that nothing can stay the same forever and that change is an essential part of life. It can work well when somebody is 'stuck'.

Mural: This is a particularly good deepener for use before hypnoanalysis, since it takes the client's thoughts back to their formative years. It can also be used as a preparation for suggestion work where the problem has existed for a long time, maybe years.

Thought Collection: This is an ideal deepener to use before regression or analytical styles of therapy, though it's not restricted to that use of course. It is designed to activate the neural pathways associated with utilising a wide range of inner resources and skills.

Waste Disposal: This is a good deepener to use where there is a lot of unnecessary 'baggage' being carried by the client. The symbolism of trashing it, grinding it up, and flushing it away allows the client to view their future more positively. Even if that is a temporary situation, it still decreases resistance to the suggestion work in the session.

Although this brand new collection of scripts was written with the male psyche in mind, it's entirely probable that you will find several new ideas within its pages to be used with any client.

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 Book Format - Instant download only £19.99
 Book Format - Kindle Download £19.99