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It's Magic (working with children)

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It's Magic (working with children)


By Alison Bainbridge Dip Hyp & Lyn Bainbridge BA (Hons)

Children are easy to work with... or so the story goes. And, of course, it's absolutely true but you do need to have the right material!

This book has been written by two sisters specifically with children in mind and gives the professional therapist some wonderful stories and scripts with which to get great results.

Across cultures and throughout history people have gathered with the vast darkness of the world behind them and told stories. They have told them to entertain and to amuse and, occasionally, to terrify. But the best stories have always tried to explore what it means to be human, our origins, our fears and dreams, and the day-to-day dilemmas that challenged our ancestors and which still challenge us today - and the challenge starts in childhood.

In this book, the therapist will find matched pairs of hypnotic scripts and short stories. Each pair reflects an issue common to the experience of children in the 5-10 year old age group (although it is not strictly limited to those parameters). The language and approach of the script is developed through its accompanying story and given a further dimension by it. Also included are eight specially constructed Induction and Deepening scripts - this is a complete 'kit' for working with youngsters!

The story and script pairs include:

  • Sleeping/Who's not sleeping?
  • Bedwetting/The Memory Library
  • Nightmares and Monsters/Fixing Monsters
  • Bullying (including saying 'No')/The Astonishing Wonder Child
  • Liking Myself/The Magic Mirror
  • Aggression/Making Tornados

In addition to those listed here, there are another seven specially crafted situational stories and 'fixes'. You want to help a child find their own 'inner wise advisor'? This book can show you a truly expert way of doing just that. What about helpin a young individual to overcome the fear of going to the dentist, doctor or hospital? There's something here for that, too.

This is not just a book of scripts; it is a publication that can inspire you to find your own 'magical methods' for dealing with youngsters! It can help you to become a skilled story-weaver, able to enthral and inspire - esential qualities for thos who want to work effectively with children.

Only available in downloadable and fully printable form, this 168 page book is a must if you work with children. At only £19.99, it's a 'steal' - so buy it now!



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Carole Connor on 01-09-2021

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LEFTERIS LOIZOU on 17-08-2018

 Book Format - Instant download only £19.99