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Journeys in Hypnosis

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Journeys in Hypnosis


By Terence Watts

A collection of 22 first class inductions and deepeners!

This collection of 11 inductions and 11 deepeners will provide you with some of the best trance-inducing and deepening tools imaginable. Use them as stand alone scripts or as a continual story which your client 'tunes in' to on every session - on anywhere from two to eleven sessions!

Terence Watts says: "I was working with a client some time ago and linked the sessions together as best I could with reminders about where the mind had travelled to on the previous session... the client loved it and commented that they really looked forward to the next part of the story!"

All the scripts in this book, the deepeners particularly, have been 'purpose built' to allow them to be used as you choose - each one brand new and original, and each one linking seamlessly to any of the others. Any one of them can be a beginning, a middle or an end of the journey in hypnosis - and every one of them is a masterpiece in its own right. You have to have these!

The following will give you an idea of what these new scripts are about...


Face Relaxation: Far more than just a simple progressive relaxation, this one has an unusual approach which can work very well for all personality types, referencing all the different expression we sometimes use. It’s a great script for the first session.

Brainwork Creating a highly-focussed fascination effect this one will work for both creative and logical types. It is especially good for the intelligent client who bores easily.

Hypnocore An unusual script, this one, in that it suggests to the client that they are actually already ‘in’ hypnosis but they have to find the core to activate it so they can feel it ad use it.

Hypnopool A relaxation type of script but with an unusual approach in that the client chooses which parts of their body to relax in sequence - it is ideal for those clients who seem to want to stay ‘in control’, since it’s quite permissive.

Hypnosenses This one is particularly good for the highly creative and imaginative individual since it has a fascination effect - it should be avoided for obviously logical/analytical clients who might well find it acutely irritating!

Lights and Swtiches This is one to make your brain hurt... and it’s designed that way! In other words, it has a strong entrainment element to it that will keep those busy analytical brains... well, busy. It’s not confusional, in that it is logically correct.

Painter This one entrains the brain/mind/body connection and is therefore suitable for pretty much every personality type. Don’t read it too fast!

Red Legs, Green Arms This one is a heavily disguised Chakra meditation - ‘Chakra’ or ‘Energy’ are never mentioned and yet the client will unknowingly be in touch with them and their associated resources.

Sound and Light This works well for anybody who has good visualising abilities as far as colour and sound is concerned. It has a modern ‘atmosphere’ and so is very useful for younger clients. There are elements of brain entrainment here too.

Two Up Two Down Another mental exercise for the logical and analytical mind that entrains thought processes and focusses conscious thought. There's a slight confusional element here which should not be clarified!.

Who...? This one grabs the imagination and can entrain the thought processes of the creative individual. It has a rapidly changing scenario to enhance creativity and moves smoothly through a self-worth scenario before going on to the deepener.


Picture This Although you can use the inductions in any order you want to, this is always the best deepener to use first, since it has the distinct feeling of the start of a journey, via a picture which gradually forms and becomes 'live'.

Beach Dolphin Turtle A highly colourful and image-rich deepener suitable for all personality types, though it could possibly be contra-indicated for anybody who is unable to swim.

Boatarama This one is particularly good for those with an active imagination, though it should be noted that it’s ‘slanted’ slightly towards the male client.

Distraction One for the highly creative mind, this runs the gamut of time travel to the past and future, yogic flying and levitation, transforming and more... this one is male orientated but can work well for some females.

Explorer This one should always be included in any hypno-journey if possible, since it contains a metaphor for listening to our ‘inner voice’ of instinct.

Hot Air Balloon This one that can fit absolutely anywhere on the ‘hypno-journey’ and carries several metaphors for wellbeing and courage. Not recommended for the client with a fear of heights.

House of Many Colours This is another one that can be used at any time in the ‘hypno-journey’ and is excellent for use with clients who have difficulty in feeling or expressing emotional responses. It’s best NOT used after one of the colour-based inductions.

Lakeside A good deepener to use somewhere near the beginning of the ‘hypno-journey’ though there is no reason why it could not be the last destination.

Mountain Climb This is a particularly good one to use where somebody is battling what seems to be a formidable task, though it can be used as any part of the ‘hypnojourney’.

Air Bike About an 'aerial jet-ski', this one is a bit of a ‘flight of fancy’ but helps to create a sense of autonomy and freedom from restriction, as well as giving creative imagination a good stretch.

Rail Journey Determinedly non-mystical and non abstract, this one traces a journey through the sights of the countryside and recesses of the memory, though it does have something of a smile about the ending.

This unique collection is available for immediate download or as a physical copy.



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Penny Iveson on 18-10-2019

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 Book Format - Instant download only £19.99
 Book Format - Kindle Download £19.99