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More Specialised Scripts for Regression

More Specialised Scripts for Regression

More Specialsed Scripts for Regression By Terence Watts


Another complete set of inductions and deepeners written especially for use when working with any for of regression therapy.


  • Powerful scripts designed to focus the client's thoughts on their past.
  • Scripts that entrain the thought process and flow seamlessly into the session itself.
  • Each script reflects the author's thousands of hours of experience.
  • A wonderful companion to the first volume.
  • 10 Inductions, 10 Deepeners, 2 Past Life Regression 'Indeepeners'.


Inductions and deepeners for regression work need to fulfil a different objective from those that are used for other forms of hypnotherapy. For instance, if you want your client to be actively focussed on their past, why on earth would you use any form of image-laden deepener which is designed to get the client's mind into a passive receptive state when what you want is an interactive and communicative respinse? The scripts in the book are designed to trigger recall and actively encourage the client to talk to you.


The scripts in this book, just as in the first volume, are all built with one purpose in mind: Get the client focussed on their memories and keen to talk about them!


The thousands of hours of experience Terence has acquired since 1989 clearly shows in this collection of expertly crafted scripts. Well-known for his meticulous attention to detail and writing skills, this latest collection is a one of his best! Each induction is a carefully crafted preparation of the psyche; each deepener is a powerful focussing device that is all-but impossible to resist. If you want to enhance your own skills and your client's experience of regression therapy, this is the book for you!


Each of the scripts in this volume are written by Terence himself and are based on the concepts and styles he has used during hos thousands of hours in practice.




Shades of Meditation This is essentially a chakra meditation style of induction, though the term ‘chakra’ is not mentioned at all. It works well for the spiritually-orientated type of client, not so well for the logical/analytical individual.


Universe of the Mind This induction focuses strongly on the notion that we are responsible for our lives, thoughts and ideas. It centres the ego and prepares the mind to find and ‘own’ memories and ideas that have been forgotten.


Through The Looking Glass This is effectively a progressive relaxation induction though it uses dissociation to good effect and works well for people who would normally have trouble relaxing. The surreal quality paves the way for any deepener.


Wormholes This one will appeal to the philosophical or scientific individual with intelligence, though not necessarily an analytical type. The references to travelling through time and space will energise the neural pathway responsible for memory activation.


Cloud Pictures This is just a good old-fashioned relaxation style of induction, but one that subtly references memories and sensations from years past. With the right client, you might not even need a deepener with this one.


Learning Curve This induction focuses the client on the fact that everything they do, good or bad, is associated with the lessons they learned while they were growing up. There’s a strong emphasis on the early formative years.


One-Armed Bandit This induction is unusual in that it is dynamically energetic at the beginning, rather than relaxing. It’s especially suited to the enthusiastic and possibly restless type of individual who is always looking for something exciting to happen.


Simple Sums This one is simply brilliant for the logical analytical client, this can look like a confusional script at first. In reality, though, it is brain entrainment and occupies the thought process almost to exhaustion. Go slowly, especially after the [PAUSE] comments.


Ocean to Spring This one uses a lot of metaphor, most of which will not be evident to the conscious mind of the client. It is suitable for either regression to cause or for free association and will work best for the emotionally orientated individual – the ‘feely’.


Time Trail This one works well for the logically orientated, analytical type of individual, not because of any confusional techniques but because of the constant reference to the passage of time. It also has the benefit of focussing the thoughts back to the past, where we want to work.


Scents and Senses This is specifically designed for Hypnoanalysis, though could be used for any form of regression work, since it covers a wide gamut of stimuli from the formative years. It is entirely possible that abreaction can occur during the script itself.


Emotrack This deepener is an emotional arouser and as a result is quite likely to stimulate abreaction or sudden understanding. It has a logical quality to it that makes it ideal where you need to ‘loosen’ the emotional response of the analytical client.


Box Room This is good trigger for Free Association and also helps to get the client used to the idea that they might not always be able to know why they’re thinking what they’re thinking. It also builds an expectation that will assist the subsequent therapy.


Regressive Progression This is essentially an age regression script which carries the client back to when their world was okay, then begins to drift forward towards the things that went wrong. It is especially good for recovering a lost resource, such as vitality or self-confidence. It is structured at the end so that Free Association can be employed.


The Memory Guide This deepener script does a sound job of preparing the client who is nervous about revisiting anything from the past, while ensuring that they realise the importance of participation in their therapy.


Old Pod This one focuses the client on to the fact that things we recall might not necessarily be the truth and recalling the ‘real thing’ can be beneficial. It will work well for Hypnoanalysis and Free Association but can also be used for Regression to Cause.


Chest Nest This deepener references many aspects of childhood, including diaries and toys. It also has metaphors for uncovering ‘lost’ or ‘buried’ memories and a strong hint that there might a secret or two lurking ‘down there’…


Colours of Time This deepener uses colour to stimulate thoughts and sensations and is ideal for use before any hypnoanalysis session. It could easily be adapted for regression to cause by linking the colours to specific memories which the client would vocalise.


The Memory Mine This plays heavily on the anxiety we might feel if our secrets were suddenly laid bare, while at the same time providing a scenario that encourages recalls of those very things. It also has a slightly surreal quality that can deepen trance.


Mental Memo Pad This one is quite blatant, with a continual ‘push’ to discover memories of all sorts of things that are stored in the depths. It addresses resistance, too, and is ideally suited to the logical/analytical client.


The Council of Elders As its title suggests, this PLR script takes the client eventually to The Council of Elders often discussed in connection with the Life Between Lives concept… but not before a highly colourful stimulation of the creative centres of the psyche.


Ancient Pathways This PLR script sets out to be somewhat disorientating from the beginning and comprises a combined induction and deepener. The ending is totally non-directive and allows the client’s subconscious to travel where it will.


If you use any form of regression work, this book will swiftly become one of your favourite script collections!

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