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By Terence Watts

There is no doubt that the presence of the right sort of background music is a great aid to the hypnosis session. It helps to 'take the edge off' any ambient sounds and improves the 'hypnosis experience' for most people, provided that the music is of the right style and quality.

All music from Hypnosense is totally royalty-free, needing no performing license to use as background to your client sessions or commercial recordings.

Reflections is a classical guitar piece which glides silkily through 'moods' and emotional responses which are common to every individual. This can assist with entraining thought processes and enhance the ability to respond to beneficial suggestion, or it can increase recall ability while using regression styles of therapy. Terence's research with his own EEG (Electroencephalography) equipment revealed how the physical brain responds to different tonalities and musical sequences and Reflections was in part inspired by his findings.

The outcome is a beautifully constructed piece of music with a purity of sound that enhances concentration and 'focus' even when played at the lowest levels in the background.

The composition glides smoothly between the following 'moods': (be sure to fully close the audio player and wait a few seconds between samples)

Benign: Flowing and relaxing, this is the first part we hear. It encourages a relaxed confidence and a sense that ultinmately all will be exactly as it should be. You can download or listen to a sample of this mood: Reflections 1

Reflective: The tones and sequences here encourage a reflective mood, along with deep emotional responses that feel somehow familiar while not being instantly identifiable. Download or listen to a sample of this mood here: Reflections 2

Hopefulness: There is a hint of uplift here, a sense that everything is beginning to move in the right direction. There are reminiscences of Latin America here, creating a hint of promise. To listen to a short sample of this section, click here: Reflections 3

Uplift: Finally, a sense of joy and achievement, an atmosphere of wellbeing and uplift that one might experience when nearing a much-desired goal. Listen to a sample here: Reflections 4

This mood cycle is repeated throughout, helping to create the best possible opportunity to provide the best possible therapeutic outcome for your client.



"Really useful, thank you "
Julie Coates on 11-10-2021

 Audio Format - MP3 Download £13.99
 Audio Format - CD £19.99