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Sex, Names, and the Way People Are! (WIndows only)

Sex, Names, and the Way People Are! (WIndows only)

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By Terence Watts


Although this is a small book, it's a fun read! You will be amazed at how much you can learn about yourself, and others from what is written here.


It includes:


  • A fun (but accurate!) asseessment of what your name says about your sexual attitudes
  • A personality test which is often mind-blowingly accurate
  • An article about the real differences between men and women


Other than the 'sexual alphabet' section, the material in this book is based on the professional texts which the author has created for use in his training school. It can be of great use to you in many aspects of everyday life.


"interesting read"
Sharon Kilroy on 26-06-2018

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