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HYPNOSENSE Professional Practitioner Specifications

This Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy online training programme was professionally designed and written by successful UK hypnotherapist Terence Watts to give you a thorough and sound knowledge of the application of ethical clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy, even if you have no previous experience of the field.


You will be under the personal tutelage of Terence and the professional hypnotherapy qualifications you receive when you choose either the Professional Practice or One to One options allow you to easily obtain professional liability insurance; we will even introduce you to insurers who will provide it. Because it is a home-study course, though, it is unlikely that you will be able to register with the main professional bodies until you have completed two years in clinical practice. This does not prohibit you from going into practice as a hypnotherapist and you will be legally able to use the designation 'DHP' after your name. 'DHP' is an 'industry standard' qualification and stands for 'Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy'


The following subjects - and far more - are all covered in detail:


  • What hypnosis can and cannot do
  • What hypnosis is - and what it is not
  • How to have a successful professional hypnotherapy career
  • The difference between the stage hypnotist and the hypnotherapist
  • How to safely hypnotise almost anybody - including yourself
  • How to recognise when somebody IS hypnotised
  • How to effect safe release from the hypnotic state
  • How to get to the the 'roots' of problems
  • An overview of Past Life Regression
  • Working with pain and physical illness
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Successful client management
  • Instant understanding of personality types - people will become 'transparent' to you
  • Working with cause, rather than effect


The tuition programme is conducted in a modular fashion and covers literally all that you need to know in order to start finding success just as soon as you are qualified - and you have ongoing professional support whenever you need it, totally free of charge.


Each module has extensive written notes in a searchable and printable format; there are also 16 supplementary audio tutorials of around 30 minutes each. All the material has been especially prepared to be downloaded directly into your computer and you will be able to easily produce physical copies if you wish - all you need is a printer and CD burner.


It is impossible to show you everything that is covered, so there is just an overview here.


Literally everything you need to know... how to induce it and how to use it effectively and safely, every time.


You will learn about the three main personality groups and how to recognise each one instantaneously. You will be astonished at how quickly others become 'transparent' to you... and so will your family and friends!


Fears, Phobias and other symptoms
How to easily tell the difference between a fear and a phobia, and why it is important; what a phobia really is; how to find the root of your client's problem fast, and how to easily assess the best method of hypnotherapy for any individual.


The dilute of fear, the root cause of most emotional difficulties; neurosis - the hard evidence of psychological conflict; anxiety and sexuality; the fight or flight reflex; the importance of discovering the Initial Sensitising Event.


The power of suggestion
Dealing with habits, smoking, weight control, nail-biting, exam fears/nerves, speaking in public, concentration and study, etc.; how to write and use hypnotic suggestions and posthypnotic suggestions; embedded commands and how to use them; ensuring that your suggestions 'take' - every time; limitations and contra-indicators.


Client management
Learn how to get it absolutely right from start to finish - every time; ensuring that every client becomes a healthy, happy and satisfied client who refers others on to you for years to come.


Techniques and practice
Writing your own scripts; self-hypnosis; harnessing the amazing power of visualisation; creating and using posthypnotic 'triggers'; understanding and using modalities; somnambulism; spontaneous hypnosis; suggestibility tests; twenty signs of hypnosis; how to make sure you apply exactly the right sort of hypnotic technique.


As well as all of the above, there are also detailed overviews of:
Repression theory; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD); the obsessional personality; False Memory Syndrome; working with pain and physical illness; depression; hypnotic anaesthesia; regression styles of therapy, abreaction and catharsis; the 'fast phobia cure'; the ideo motor response; therapist burnout; selective thinking and the Conscious Critical Faculty; resistance, transference and counter-transference; how to work with grief and loss; the 'Swish' technique for rapid change... and a lot more as well!


The course also includes the entire award winning Hypnosense 'Easy Quit Smoking Programme'. This programme is one of the most effective available and received the 1998 Award for Clinical Excellence from the Hypnotherapy Research Society.


"What will I be able to do?"


You will be properly equipped to go into professional practice just as soon as you receive your qualification diploma. You will be competent enough to work effectively with most issues with which you are likely to be presented, including:


Smoking Cessation Dealing with Habits Anxiety and Stress
Personal Problems Phobias and Fears Weight control
Pain Relief Many Depressions Test/exam Fears
Unresolved Grief Work Related Stress Confidence Problems
Sleeping Difficulties Poor Self Image Career Enhancement
Goal Achievement Relationship Problems Public Speaking
Psycho-sexual Problems Concentration Memory Enhancement


Fees & Qualifications
The cost of this Professional Practitioner Course is £55.00 per module. There are ten modules in total, along with homework assignments which must be completed and submitted for appraisal and comment each month if you wish to take the final exam - which must be completed satisfactorily before you can be awarded your DHP Professional Diploma. Once you have your diploma you will be a properly qualified hypnotherapist and able to advertise your services to the general public (in the UK - other countries may vary). I am available to answer questions or give advice/help via email or telephone for as long as you need it. There is never any charge for this 'professional helpline' feature.


OK - I want to start my studies! What do I do next?


Online Study
If you wish to complete the course via the online training you can buy the first module now. The download is instant, so you can start your studies in literally just a few minutes time!

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