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The HYPNOSENSE Professional Practitioner Training Course

This training course in hypnotherapy with psychotherapy was devised and written entirely by Terence Watts, a highly respected hypnotherapist, teacher and professional author of hypnotherapy books and materials in the UK. The identical hypnosis and hypnotherapy course material is taught in many classrooms, both in the UK and abroad (including Hong Kong, Italy and Germany) - see: EICH


If you would like a free, fully detailed prospectus of the course, right click on this link: Full Prospectus and select 'Save Target As...' to download it to your PC - it's a .pdf file and you'll need a reader such as Adobe Acrobat to view it.


Maximum Flexibility
This hypnotherapy course can give you Full Professional Qualifications and can be studied either via 'live' tutorials, or through instantly available downloadable lessons, when you have the convenience of purchasing individual modules when you wish - which means you could be starting your studies today!.


There are ten modules in total, though there is no obligation to complete all of them. You can start when you like, you can finish when you like - there are no restrictions, except: If you are seeking professional qualifications, your homework assignments will not be marked at intervals of less than one month. This is to ensure that you have ample study and practice time to cement your skills into your subconscious.


Each module of this complete hypnotherapy course contains extensive professionally written and prepared notes in a searchable and printable format. There are also 16 supplementary audio tutorials by Terence Watts of around 30 minutes each, covering everything that you need to know to become a successful therapist. Each module is in a downloadable format that may be stored in your PC and which will allow you to easily produce physical copies - all you need is a printer and CD burner.


The course is ideal for any of the following situations:


  • As a discovery course to explore and understand the workings of the human psyche
  • For any individual who wants to add hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy to an existing skill set
  • As a means of acquiring certification in the field of professional hypnotherapy


As a discovery or research course, it probably has no equal; the course comprises over 140,000 written words and 8 hours of audio, all available in easy step-by-step modules. In addition, you have indefinite email/telephone contact with the author and can ask any questions you like - and there's no time limit on this service. It lasts for life!


Additional skills
If you want to add hypnosis to an existing skill set (for instance, you are already a medical practitioner, reiki qualified, NLP practitioner, etc.) then this is a sound and professional opportunity. Again, you have unlimited email/telephone contact with the author, if you need it. When you have completed the course you will have access to much of his huge collection of professional files and scripts.


Professional Practice
If you are interested in acquiring a professional qualification, then this course is more complete than many that are on offer, as a glance at the course specifications will show. Again, you have unlimited email/telephone contact with the author if/when you need it - and that is for life. You will also receive a professional diploma after completing the course work and examinations, so that you will be able to put the letters 'DHP' after your name on your advertising and publicity. Important: If you decide upon the on-line option, the course is considered to be distance learning. Although you will be able to legally go into practice and charge for your services as a hypnotherapist (in the UK), you will only be able to join most professional associations after you have been in practice for at least two years. You will, however, be easily able to obtain professional indemnity insurance as soon as you have passed your exam and there will be no restriction (in the UK) in your level of practice.


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To find out more about Terence Watts, either type 'Terence Watts' as a search phrase in the 'Google' search engine (UK) - or any internet search engine, come to that - or click here

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