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By Terence Watts

"Tranquillity" is a beautifully relaxing stroll through an audio landscape that includes the sound of piano, strings, oboe and subtle flowing harmonies. Written in a silky and easily flowing style, it nonetheless has a wonderfully melodic and romantic waltz-like interval which produces a wonderfully deepening effect for the client.

Written by a professional hypnotherapist for professional hypnotherapists, this recording is royalty-free to use as background for commercial recordings. *

There is no doubt that the presence of the right sort of background music is a great aid to the hypnosis session. It helps to 'take the edge off' any ambient sounds and improves the 'hypnosis experience' for most people, provided that the music is of the right style and quality.

All music from Hypnosense is totally royalty-free, needing no performing license to use as background to your client sessions or commercial recordings.

65 minutes Mono (CD); 50 minutes Mono (22 megabyte Download)

* Not for resale as a separate item

Download a short sample - click on the link: Tranquillity Sample



"Works really well as back"
Martin Johnson on 12-04-2019

 Audio Format - MP3 Download £13.99
 Audio Format - CD £19.99