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Warriors, Settlers & Nomads

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Warriors, Settlers & Nomads


Warriors, Settlers & Nomads explores an entirely new concept in self improvement. Whether you want to develop your own potential to find the greatest level of success that is available to you, or if you are a working therapist who wants to find exciting new way to help your clients, then this is for you!

Published by Crown House, it is available from book stores Nationwide (UK), directly from the publishers outlet, Anglo-american Book Company, or you can buy a signed copy direct from the Author - don't forget to tell us what message you would like when placing your order.

Here's what they say:

A TREASURE TROVE... Kevin Hogan PhD.

Warriors, Settlers and Nomads is a handbook for understanding your life and creating the future you so richly deserve.

Terence takes you on a wonderful journey through his fascinating extension of the theory of evolutionary psychology. Terence believes that the three key influences on our current behavior were that of the warriors, the settlers and the nomads... and I think he might be right. You will enjoy the process of self discovery as you take the personality test at the beginning of the book and you will begin to see those around you in a very different light as you think about how they came to be who they are.

You are about to learn about how to let go of the limitations of your early years. You will also discover new strategies for creating a future that will change your life forever. Warriors, Settlers and Nomads is more than a self help book. This book helps you understand who you are and how you came to be "you!" Finally, Terence gives you the most powerful tools available to create the changes you want. You will learn the powerful skills of self hypnosis and visualization as you never have before.

This book is a treasure trove of useful and life changing strategies. Enjoy this gem and change your world!

Kevin Hogan, Ph.D.
Author of The Psychology of Persuasion
and Through the Open Door: Secrets of Self Hypnosis Minnesota Institute of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy


When I started reading WARRIORS, SETTLERS AND NOMADS by Terence Watts, it gripped me more than any other self-help book I've ever read. The author's theory is validated by the history of the human race itself! While I already had some clues as to how the historical groups influence my behavior, I still found myself taking the personality test with extreme curiosity. Then the author's writing style kept me glued to the pages long enough to be late for an appointment, which is quite rare for me. I strongly recommend this book to anyone on the road to greater awareness or self-empowerment.

Roy Hunter, M.S
Author of The Art of Hypnosis
And Master the Power of Self-Hypnosis

A WORK OF GENIUS... Joseph Keaney, PhD.

Warriors, Settlers and Nomads can transform your life. It's a radically different approach to personality development and enlightenment.

The reader slowly, unconsciously if you like, awakens the ancient truth, wisdoms and strengths, inherent in our primeval ancestors from the conception of Man on planet earth, untapped resources which remain dormant in our unconscious that await discovery.

Terence Watts invites you to discover the qualities of your tribe and your predominant personality type, e.g. are you a warrior, settler or nomad, or a combination of all three?

Rediscovering my lost tribe has not only enabled me to uncover lost truth about my personality type, but it has also been the most meaningful experience in self analysis.

This book can change your life. It is the first ever simple to use guide to our personalities, helping us to understand our psychological state through the inherent characteristics represented in our primeval forbears. Harnessing the power of your tribe has the potential to change your life. This book explains why people do what they do in life, and helps you resolve life's issues, develop a healthy self concept, enhance relationships and careers, fulfil your goals in an easier way, and it gives you freedom to express your true personality.

Once in a generation, a work of genius is discovered that you know instinctively will become mainstream and assimilated into modern culture. Warriors, Settlers & Nomads is such a work of genius. Terence Watts is to be congratulated for his contribution to modern psychology and in pointing us in the direction of our roots in order to become truly free in expressing our personalities today.

Joseph Keaney, Ph.D., D.Psych., B.A., D.C.H.

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Now here is the index to give you some idea of what it's all about....


  • Ancestral Memories - what they are and why they are important
  • Who do you think you are? - a personality test to help you find out
  • Looking back - discovering the archetypes
  • Discovering conflicts - and finding out how to resolve them
  • Archetypes at work - a look at how we fail and how to succeed
  • Never too late - letting go of limitations learnt in our early years
  • The magical power of visualisation - mind pictures of success
  • Hypnosis and self-hypnosis - myths dispelled and how to use it
  • The search for success - how to find it and how to keep it
  • Confidence issues - improving self confidence and self esteem
  • Stress and the subconscious computer - handling stress easily
  • Hanging it all together - some last minute advice and help
  • Appendix 1 - Exercises to improve visualisation skills - see things more clearly
  • Appendix 2 - Psychological symptoms - self-help for anxiety and other problems
  • Appendix 3 - Getting your own way - advanced ways of dealing with others

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" Very insightful book so far and looking forward "
Amanda Higgins on 30-09-2023

"Wow, such an interesting book and way of seeing."
Carole Connor on 01-09-2021

"Powerful Book, still read"
Michelle Crowley on 20-09-2017

 Book Format - Physical Product - no download £16.99