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Working with Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Working with Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Working with G.A.D. - Terence Watts


Another great class from Terence Watts, this time working with generalised anxiety disorder. The class is based on the book: "seven ways and seven days to banish your anxiety" published in 2011 and includes a fully structured process for dealing with this common problem. It addresses these five common difficulties:


  • They fear what other people think of them
  • They are sure they are inferior to others in some way
  • There is at least a part of them that they really don't like
  • They fear that others laugh at them behind their back
  • They fear the way they feel is somehow all their own fault


In addition to the above, it also addresses many less specific anxieties and fears and shows you how to get therapy underway immediately, even with the most anxious of clients. A cognitive approach is employed to good effect and five anxiety-busting exercises are included that will allow you to formulate a perfect therapy for your client.

Many therapists struggle to find an effective methodology to help deal with G.A.D. but all too often discover that the presenting symptom of anxiety itself gets in the way of an effective therapy. The methodology employed here quickly builds client confidence - and that, of course, allows you to do your best work!

As usual, full documentation is included to create a professional product that can enhance your effectiveness with the growing problem of Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

Currently available as an instant download of around 198Mb (about 15 minutes at 2 Mbs) at £9.99,

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