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Grief and Bereavement

 Video Format - Download £9.99

Grief and Bereavement

Working with Grief - Terence Watts

Working with grief is a potential minefield for the therapist - and yet it is one of the areas with which you are guaranteed to find yourself dealing with on occasions.

This edited and enhanced recording of a live class on the subject with Terence Watts will help you to be prepared for the time when you need it.

Although this is a fairly brief presentation, at about 45 minutes in length, the information it imparts is more than sufficient to give you confidence at working in this tricky area. It covers these important concepts:

  • Working with grief in children
  • Recent bereavement
  • Resolving atypical ('stuck') grief
  • Grief after another's suicide
  • Death as a result of an accident
  • Working with the spiritually-minded individual
  • Working with the logical or scientifically-minded individual

The pattern of grief is illustrated - Denial, Anger, Depression, Acceptance (and the occasionally occurring fifth element of Bargaining) - and how to help the client navigate their way through it. We also examine The Four Stages of Mourning and how to help the client 'let go' where they're 'stuck'.


This is, in fact, a very flippant title for what is a very serious subject – the release of unresolved grief. It is worthy of the title ‘Grief-buster’, though, because that's exactly what it is – a powerful routine for releasing trapped anguish, guilt, shame and other negative feelings. An original methodology created by Terence in 1995, It has a structure which will guide the client gently but unerringly to the release of pain.

There are times when a more traditional approach to working with grief will be needed for one reason or another and that is also covered in this class.

As usual, detailed class notes are included and you can buy the 150Mb download (about 12 minutes at 2 Mb/sec) at only £9.99

 Video Format - Download £9.99