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Working with different personality types

 Video Format - Download £9.99

Working with different personality types

Creating Great Suggestion - Terence Watts

An edited and enhanced recording of a live class on using your client's basic personality type to enhance your skills and their therapy!

This session was one of the favourite classes for many therapists, since it clearly shows how to take into account the fundamental psychological processes of any individual.

This allows you to provide the best possible client-centred therapy, whether you are using psychotherapy, analysis, suggestion, NLP, CBT or any other methodology.

It illustrates nine distinct basic processes, explains how to identify which is dominant in the client’s psyche and how to put this information to good use. The psychological processes are:

  • Logical/Guarded
  • Logical/Analytical
  • Logical/Grounded
  • Passive/Compliant
  • Passive/Cautionary
  • Passive/Thinker
  • Active/Restless
  • Active/Enthusiastic
  • Active/Materialist

A full analysis of each type is given during the presentation, along with their primary thought processes, instinctive ‘drivers’ and general responses to therapeutic intervention. There is also a description of particular characteristics, making it easy to recognise each one - it’s essential information to enhance your rapport-creation!

Until now, you might have thought of all Logical individuals as ‘Logical/Analytical’... Yet there are two other types, neither of whom is especially analytical, each of which requires a specific approach if you are to get the best for them.

If you are familiar with Terence’s Warriors, Settlers and Nomads concept, this will add to your knowledge base - and if you’re not, it will give you some good basic understanding of one of the faster working methods in the field of therapy.

As with all these recordings, documentation is included which will help you increase the effectiveness of your communication not just with clients, but with everyone you meet!

Currently available as an instant download of around 147Mb (about 10-12 minutes at 2 Mbs) at £9.99.

 Video Format - Download £9.99