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Writing Great Scripts

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Writing Great Scripts


Writing Great Scripts - Terence Watts

A 45 minute Mini Masterclass showing you how YOU can write fantastic scripts. On this edited and enhanced recording of a live class, Terence Watts takes you through the art of writing:

  • Wonderful Inductions
  • Superb Deepeners
  • Effective Suggestion

A full professional script for fear of needles, by Terence Watts, is included as an example to help you discover how to write professional scripts for any problem.

Of course, there are plenty of scripts and collections of scripts available for purchase on the internet but a lot of the time, they just don't quite 'hit the spot' or use language you are comfortable with. It's easy enough to rewrite the parts you need to but while you're about it, why not find out how to prepare your own professional-quality efforts?

Terence Watts is acclaimed for his mastery of words and ability to create impressive scripts and in this Masterclass he lets you in on some of the secrets he's learned over the years. There's far more to it than just getting words on the paper... there's a whole structure to consider if you want a script to flow the way the professionals do it.

Wonderful Inductions: The most important part of any hypnosis session (you can't deepen anything if it hasn't been created!) an induction has to perform several tasks as invisibly as possible. it must properly prepare the client, get them to focus their thoughts into themselves, distract them from the everyday world and guide them into the right psychological state whereby the conscious critical faculty can be bypassed.

Superb Deepeners: For all but the most able of your clients, a deepener will be necessary if you are to get the best for them... and a good deepener is a lot different from the induction! In many ways, it is almost the opposite, because it needs to get the client focussed out of themselves so that they can imagine the word they live in, the world where they need to create change. It has to deepen the state of hypnosis to the point where suggestion is readily accepted without confusion or incredulity getting in the way. Terence shows you exactly how to do just that.

Effective suggestion: Where suggestion is the end-game of a session, you need to make sure that it's totally sound in every way, avoiding the possibility of the client wondering how on earth what you;re saying will work when they've never been able to do it before... and there is a specific method of doing exactly that - and Terence explains it in detail.

To see what other say about Terence's style, have a look at some testimonials

This must-see Masterclass is available as an instant download.

Fully documented notes are included.

Only £9.99 for the download - physical copy available soon

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"Writing your own great sc"
Gavin Bowtell on 28-02-2018

 Video Format - Download £9.99